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Charles McLeod


Charles McLeod's fiction has appeared in publications including Conjunctions and The Pushcart Prize Anthology Series. He has received fellowships from the University of Virginia, the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and San Jose State University, where he was a Steinbeck Fellow. American Weather is his first novel.

The Occupy Movement as Neo-Dadaism

Kandinsky once said, "there is no must in art because art is free," and it is exactly art's lack of cost that so terrifies establishment thought in capitalist societies.
12/12/2011 11:32 GMT

Reality Television: Innovation and Misery

One question I am consistently asked with the release of my first novel is, "Where did you get the idea for it from?" The "it" being referred to here is the book's central plot; specifically, the protagonist's solution to solve his money woes by tattooing a condemned prisoner with corporate logos and putting said prisoner's execution on pay-per-view television
03/07/2011 14:35 BST