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Chris Newman

A father to a toddler and a devoted husband.

I am a father to a toddler and a devoted husband. I love writting about being a dad as well as any thing else that catches my attention. I haven't been writting for long but i have taken to it like a duck to water :)
My family life can be stressful and complicated at times but that's what being a parent is all about.
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It's All Lies

There are the comforting lies like when Sophia gets hurt we 'kiss it better'. I'm sure this one is common practice for most parents. It is still a lie as it doesn't actually change anything. The pain will still be there. Her knee will still be grazed. Another pointless lie.
08/08/2017 12:05 BST

Problems Picking Nurseries

Here is my dilemma. I am somewhat overprotective. With this in mind, the fact that there are videos and news articles about children who get abused or neglected while in a childcare environment, how can you be sure your child is safe?
21/04/2017 12:52 BST

Are Dads Undervalued At Birth?

Around the time my little baby was born I was getting quite bad chest pains so much so that we called the non emergency number as it was around 7pm. There was an ambulance at the door within 10 minutes to check me over. The pain had already reduced by the time they arrived and I didn't need to go to hospital (I think it was just stress).
11/01/2017 15:05 GMT