Danny Bent BBC2 Ultimate Hell Week Recruit. Author, Adventurer, Speaker

"Living life to the full is the real adventure"

Danny Bent is all about inspiring people to do more, give more, live more.

Danny leverages this though motivational speaking, TV appearances, and through his writing of books and in the media.

Danny has boundless energy that he willingly shares with those around him. He is physically and mentally strong and resilient, and a leader by example.

He is a man of action.

Danny cycled 9,000 miles from London to India, continued his adventure in America where he raised $550,000 for the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombings by organising a coast to coast relay in the USA, . He came back to London founded Project Awesome in 2014 - a super loud and colourful FREE workout in London bringing hundreds together each morning and keeping London fit whilst finding the cracks of rainbow within the grey of London.

Danny is an award winning author, celebrated journalist, and online contributor for the Huffington Post. He was voted by the City of London to be one of the 50 most inspirational people in London and was on the HappyList. A list of the happiest people in the UK compiled by The Independent on Sunday.

Danny loves to share his passion, write to him at danny@dannybent.com

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