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Dean Royles

NHS Employer chief executive, Danny Mortimer, and chief executive of the Association of UK University Hospitals, Katie Petty-Saphon

It Seems Morale and Motivation Is Not the Worst It's Ever Been.... Again!

Look at the year the NHS has just had. Strikes, pay freezes, pension contribution increases, redundancy, massive reorganisation, industrial action, reconfiguration and more. A tough year in anyone's book but the survey shows us that the majority of indicators were stable or improved.
04/03/2013 22:51 GMT

The Francis Inquiry Demands Strong Leadership Not Damage Limitation

Our leadership challenge now is to show quickly that we have the ability to take the Francis report and make sure the NHS, the services it provides and the trust the British public have in it increases and enhances its reputation as one of the world's leading health care systems.
07/02/2013 14:49 GMT