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Dror Ginzberg

CEO and Co-Founder, Wochit, A Video Creation Platform

Dror Ginzberg has over 25 years of experience in technology with a focus on video and related technologies. As co-founder and CEO of Wochit, Ginzberg is providing newsrooms, media brands, publishers and professional bloggers with a video creation platform for production of video content at the scale and speed needed to meet today’s rapidly-increasing demand. Prior to Wochit, Dror co-founded PicApp (acquired by YBrant Media) and held senior executive positions at BeInSync (acquired by Phoenix Technologies), Comverse and Emblaze. He currently splits his time between New York and Tel Aviv.

A Video Pioneer: How Lovefilm Blazed A Trail

Lovefilm's demise is not a negative outcome that stems from being left behind - rather, it is a victory for the many entrepreneurs and investors who contributed to building the future of media delivery, and who carefully and deliberately made a migration that took years. It is the next logical step in the evolution of video content within our digital lives.
31/10/2017 11:03 GMT

Only 1% Of Facebook Video Goes Viral: How You Can Too

Today, all publishers are looking for virality. If done right, viral videos can make up to 60% of all a publisher's shares over a three month period. While this pressure may be intimidating, don't despair. Focus on tackling some of the above areas and developing a solid strategy - then you too could obtain viral fame.
05/06/2017 11:46 BST

The Future Winners And Losers Of Online Video

I'll start with the obvious. Video is huge, it's everywhere, it's on the path to completely dominate communications with audiences. If you're a publisher or media company not already heavily invested in video, and more specifically, social video, or have no such serious intentions, you're going to stay out of the game.
10/03/2017 13:12 GMT

Companies Making Great Strides In Video

It's an interesting development in the ongoing transformation of the publishing industry, and one that results from a couple of media's biggest trends. First, there's the increasing appetite for video, and second, there's the migration of audiences from owned and operated sites to social networks.
30/01/2017 11:58 GMT

How Online Video Took Over In 2016 And What's In Store For 2017

This year has seen significant developments in the media industry that will have long lasting effects going well beyond 2016. Every major media trend from this past year centred around video, which now accounts for over two-thirds of all internet traffic. There's been three key trends that standout in my mind:
16/12/2016 09:58 GMT

Twitter's NFL Deal Maps Out Path To Success

What this deal really shows is how well American football is complimented by social media. With a typical game clocking in at roughly three hours from start to finish, Twitter is a natural fit - allowing fans to stray on and off the platform without missing any of the action.
18/10/2016 11:12 BST

The Last Olympics To Be Broadcast Just On TV?

Now that the Olympics are underway one can't help but see the way the games have evolved so dramatically in the age of social media and yet still have a long way to go. In the past people tuned into big broadcasters for sports coverage, now we're gradually seeing this exclusivity diminish because more and more people are viewing sports on their phones.
15/08/2016 17:32 BST