Duncan McNair Practising lawyer, author and founder and CEO of Save The Asian Elephants (STAE) www.stae.org

After millions of years, Asian elephants face extinction in our lifetime and by our hands.

Save The Asian Elephants (STAE) is a not for profit association of prominent conservationists, experts and campaigners that informs public opinion on the brutal poaching, capture, beating and abuse of the endangered Asian elephant for tourist entertainments such as elephant rides, circuses and street festivals.

The practice of Pajan, the ruthless beating and torture of baby elephants snatched from the wild to train them for tourist entertainments is barbaric and no way to treat a species near to the brink of extinction. STAE exerts influence on governments, politicians and the tourism industry to adopt solutions it advances.

STAE is respectful of the culture and traditions of the countries with whom it engages. It dissociates itself from any abuse as unworthy as well as counterproductive. Indeed devising proposals and implementing solutions for the elephants is a collective responsibility not of India or the other range states alone, but of everyone around the world.

The explosion in the commercial exploitation of Asian elephants in recent decades through unethical tourism has been fuelled chiefly by businesses and their customers from outside India and South East Asia.

Please help us to give the elephants a chance – whilst time remains. www.stae.org