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Emma Reynolds

Shadow secretary of state for communities and local government and Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East

Shadow Housing Minister and Labour MP for Wolverhampton North East

Bedroom Tax Is an Attack on Affordable Housing

Not only is the bedroom tax an attack on those currently living in social housing, it also hits the five million people on the waiting list because it has led to fewer houses being built... These funds should be being used to build homes and carry out much needed repairs - but instead they're being used to protect the most vulnerable from this government's Bedroom Tax.
12/11/2013 17:00 GMT

Racial Discrimination by Landlords and Letting Agents Is Shocking, Sickening and Illegal

It was a national disgrace that in the 1950s, landlords in Britain used to hang signs reading 'No Blacks' outside properties. Forty five years ago, such discrimination was outlawed by Harold Wilson's Labour government. Many thought that this was now a thing of the past, but <em>Inside Out</em>'s investigation has shown that black people continue to suffer appalling racism.
14/10/2013 17:19 BST

David Cameron's Phantom Veto

After the last EU Council meeting in December, David Cameron was given a hero's welcome on his return by Tory MPs. However the mood of the House of Commons and his backbenchers has dramatically changed since then as it became clear that the much trumpeted "veto" didn't in fact stop anything from going ahead and left Britain weaker, not stronger, in Europe... the failure of Cameron's strategy in Europe has been exposed and will continue to damage British interests long past the headlines of this week's papers.
05/02/2012 23:10 GMT

Tories Euro Divide: Cameron Has Lost Control

It would be easier to sympathise with the prime minister had he not stumbled into a trap of his own making. He was more than happy to play the anti-European card when it suited him, especially when he secured the Tory leadership. Now, in order to maintain British influence in a debate of enormous importance to our future, he expects to be taken seriously by the very people he was so quick to shun for the easy applause of his own backbenchers.
08/12/2011 23:38 GMT

Tory Eurosceptic Rebellion is of Cameron's own Making

Economic growth is flatlining, unemployment is rising and inflation has hit five per cent. Up and down the country people are worried about their jobs and their falling living standards. And instead of taking action to fix the economy, the Conservative Prime Minister is bogged down by squabbling from his own MPs demanding a referendum on our membership of the European Union. This all sounds too familiar. Last time the Conservatives were in power, they tore themselves to pieces over the Maastricht Treaty while the economy crumbled around them. It seems as if the early 1990s are back.
24/10/2011 00:12 BST