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Francesca Muston

Leads WGSN’s key product analysis team, specialising in confirming and translating WGSN’s inspirational trend directions for a commercial retail audience

Francesca leads WGSN’s key product analysis team, heading up the What’s in Store directory, and specialising in confirming and translating WGSN’s inspirational trend directions for a commercial retail audience. She has used her almost-encyclopaedic knowledge on What’s In Store of what’s selling around the world to expand the coverage to new cities and to feed into WGSN’s seminar and consultancy programme.

Francesca’s work at the head of WGSN's market-leading What's in Store team ensures that 10,000+ retail photos are filed on a monthly basis from cities across the world, and guarantees a continual flow of comprehensive analysis across all product areas, providing insight into exactly how product is hitting the shop floors.

The team highlights key products, colours and styling directions, as well as reporting on visual-merchandising trends and solutions.

A graduate of The University of Central Lancashire's fashion promotion course and a Graduate Fashion Week Award winner, Francesca worked in graphic design before joining WGSN in 2003.

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