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George Chesterton

Journalist and writer on culture and politics

George Chesterton is a production editor for the Guardian as well as a blogger for the Guardian's Comment is Free and the New Statesman - specialising in culture, media, the arts and politics. Opinions expressed are my own. Novel to follow.

What Thatcher Can Teach Miliband About Fighting Thatcherism

The shadows of Margaret Thatcher are legion, but beyond the scarring left by her policies it is now relevant to consider why she was popular with anyone at all. The answer is exactly the same reason she was unpopular: her conviction. This mysterious quality could again be the forebear of radical change in British politics.
05/12/2012 10:58 GMT

Honesty and Bravery Should be Labour's Weapons of Choice

If Labour act now voters might believe they actually mean it. With the assertion of strong principle-backed policies - something a limping coalition will find it awkward to counter - Labour could create a bond with the electorate, a rallying call to prevent the opposition sliding into ignominy as one of the great political chickens of the era.
12/07/2012 09:36 BST

Judging by What It Says, This Government Probably Hates You

The policy pronouncements and the language used to make them do not merely demonstrate contempt for nurses or teachers or the unemployed - they demonstrate contempt for almost every voter in the country (including most of the people who supported coalition parties at the last election).
28/06/2012 13:10 BST

The Monarchy Makes Britain a Prisoner of Its Past

"Even the most ardent republicans respect the Queen". And with that statement so ends the debate. Ardent or otherwise, it is tough enough to get a discussion about ending the monarchy going, let alone begin a process that would actually bring about its demise. Conservatives, lower and upper-case c, appear to have this one sewn up as most of Great Britain celebrates her diamond jubilee, during which affection for the person will overwhelm any doubts about the institution. Not only is 'respect for the Queen' the default position in the media and politics, but in a recession the idea of something as unsettling as ending the monarchy can be dismissed as a waste of money and a priority of abyssal insignificance. However, in the long term it is anything but.
03/06/2012 16:53 BST

Conservative Voters - What Were You Thinking?

Behind the fever of the current political crisis there is something depressing about the way revelations concerning self-serving MPs and corporate collusion have been reported as 'news'. The past few weeks have shown that power, corruption and lies (aka the blindingly obvious) need to be illuminated in neon lights before the majority of the public take notice.
04/05/2012 10:36 BST