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Giselle Cory

Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research

Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research

The Dawn of Shared Parental Leave

The UK is not at the vanguard of parental equality. The imbalance between mothers' and fathers' leave in the UK is among the highest in the OECD. But a rare benefit of lagging behind more forward-thinking nations is that we can wait to see what works (and shamelessly copy it).
09/04/2015 22:15 BST

Daddy Month: What's Not to Like?

Increasing paid paternity leave from two weeks to four weeks might sound like a small step, but it's an essential one. It goes someway to creating an equitable system that sees mums and dads as equal and able... What's not to like?
09/02/2015 16:23 GMT

Is Underemployment the New Normal?

There's a real <a href=" " target="_hplink">policy challenge</a> in how we support people who, despite being in work, aren't working enough hours. This is a notoriously tricky thing to get right.
28/11/2012 16:01 GMT

Why We Need to Take Another Look at Older Employment

If the government wants to realise its agenda of extending working lives, it must make working past retirement age a realistic option for people across the labour market. Too many older unemployed are not given the support and training they need to find re-employment - one out of two is long-tem unemployed, higher than for any other age group.
15/06/2012 00:07 BST