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Greg Bianchi

Current News Editor at ‘The Journal’. Bit obsessed with politics and news.

I’ve been interested in politics and the media since a young age. I’m in my final year at Edinburgh University studying History and Politics and plan, hopefully, to end up in media or politics or both. I’ve been involved with ‘The Journal’ for just over two years now having been referred by a friend who recommended the experience. Spending my first year doing basic writing in September 2011 I moved up to head the Student Politics desk at the paper. This was a baptism of fire, considering I knew very little about Student Politics at the time. Following this, I moved on to become News editor at the paper. We’ve had a great year and with a particularly strong team of junior editors and writers we have broken a number of exclusives this year; one national one regarding the decision of George Galloway to launch legal action against the NUS accusing them of defamation. More details can be found on ‘The Journal’ website, feel free to plunder through all our work.

In addition to the journalism and politics duties I’m an avid sports fan. Supporter of the lacklustre duo of Newcastle United and Nottingham Forest I understand the meaning of disappointment. I take part in an amateur university football league and have taken up rock climbing as another hobby. I have a keen interest in travel and plan to do more when I have finished university… fingers crossed!

Anyone Heard of the Protest Vote?

The UKIP successes in these local elections are influential in the short term. However, the long term impact of UKIP is still up for debate. While UKIP have been on the rise in recent years it is true that even these results have taken many analysts by surprise.
07/05/2013 11:37 BST

Scotland and Europe - Where Do Students Stand?

Could the now infamous quote by Alex Salmond that 'rocks will melt with the sun' before he introduces tuition fees for Scottish students lead to an embarrassing U-Turn in the event of independence?
12/02/2013 09:31 GMT