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James Stables

Co-founder of Wareable, the biggest site dedicated to wearable tech and the connected self.

James is co-founder of Wareable – the biggest site dedicated to wearables and VR. The site was founded in 2014 with the aim of being a voice of authority on fitness trackers, sports technology, smartwatches, personal health devices and virtual reality.

Apple Watch With LTE Will Change The Way People Think About Smartwatches

This hasn't been historically true for the Apple Watch. So far, Apple's followed the market - adding a heart rate monitor that doesn't do much, GPS but with very poor run tracking - and in many ways lagged it's lagged behind its competitors, but putting it all into a much more desirable package.
14/09/2017 16:02 BST

IFA 2017: The Wearables And VR Headsets That Ruled The Show

The Samsung Gear Sport doesn't bring a whole lot new to the party - and is more a rationalizing of last year's beefy Gear S3 into something a little sportier. However, its 5ATM water resistance makes it a better all-rounder than previous Samsung smartwatches and the partnership with Speedo could help it rival Garmin in the pool.
05/09/2017 13:45 BST

Fitbit Ionic: Five Things You Might Have Missed

There's a new heart rate monitor on board, which Fitbit is being oddly tight-lipped about. It's not the PurePulse of old, but a new one which uses red LEDs instead of green - and that's a big deal.
29/08/2017 15:29 BST