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Jamie Drummond

Co-founder and Executive Director, ONE

2015: A (Valentine's) Year for a Love Revolution

Cynics rejoice - it's been a couple of weeks since the annual festival of "amore" around the 14th February and you've survived. But here's the bad news: there's a plan afoot that aims to make 2015 into a whole Year of Love. Groan on, for this year love is on the move - backed up by a plan of action.
26/02/2015 12:49 GMT

The G8, African Factivism and a Future of Extreme Opportunity - Not Extreme Poverty

ONE's DATA Report, released today, a publication associated with berating the G8 for not keeping aid promises, this year turns its forensic eye on African leaders promises to the poor. It finds that $243bn dollars more will be available for health and agriculture and education between 2013-2015 if African leaders keep their promises.
29/05/2013 17:09 BST

The ONE Effect: Feel Real Change

The credit for these achievements doesn't lie with celebrity rockstars, though they've certainly helped. It belongs to African citizens and the millions who campaign in solidarity with them such as those who marched for Drop the Debt and Make Poverty History.
24/11/2012 23:37 GMT

Let's Celebrate to Accelerate

Ten years ago today, at a small press conference in New York, Bono and Bill Gates launched an activist entity called DATA, with start-up funds from Mr Gates, George Soros and Ed Scott.
02/02/2012 12:02 GMT

Budge up Bono and Bob - Bill's the Big New Activist for This G20

While Bono and Bob Geldof have long been banging away, pressing world leaders for progress to help the poorest with debt cancellation, more money and better policies to fight hunger and disease, there is a tough new activist in town: Seattle's finest, Bill Gates Jnr.
25/10/2011 13:00 BST

This Week's Real Crisis

"There is more in the news this morning about shaving foam than about nutritional supplies for children who need their lives saved." This was the impassioned plea of David Bull, Executive Director of UNICEF UK
20/07/2011 23:01 BST

Making the Case for Overseas Aid

The pragmatic view based on solid analysis is that aid supports countries through tough times, helps them build up systems and expertise, and as soon as possible puts itself out of business. In fact, if there's one thing that both the sceptics and those that support evidence-based spending on aid can agree on, it is that a world without aid is the ultimate goal.
14/07/2011 23:04 BST