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Joanna Bennett

Head of External Affairs at the Royal Commonwealth Society

Joanna Bennett is Head of External Affairs at the Royal Commonwealth Society, an NGO committed to promoting international understanding. A graduate of Oxford University, Joanna has over five years experience working in communications, advocacy and public affairs in both charitable and intergovernmental organisations.

The Commonwealth: So What?

The Commonwealth can be a powerful actor for real global change, but not unless it can get its own house in order. Faced with a plummeting profile, increased competition from other international and regional bodies and fast-diminishing resources, now is surely the time.
29/09/2011 10:15 BST

The Commonwealth's Human Rights Record: A response

We can only hope that Commonwealth leaders will heed the call of so many and begin to do the work that is necessary to show true moral leadership, modernise the organisation and protect all of its citizens. If it fails to do so, it risks fatally undermining its professed commitment to human rights and will merely succeed in convincing critics of its irrelevance.
14/07/2011 23:01 BST