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Jon Cornwell

CEO and Co-Founder of Newsflare, a video marketplace platform that connects the world’s media with video shot by the public.

Jon Cornwell is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of London-based video syndication business Newsflare - a video marketplace platform that connects the world’s media with video shot by the public.

Since co-founding the company, Newsflare has gone from an innovative start-up to a 20-strong and rapidly growing team licensing video content to leading news organisations, TV shows and Brands throughout the world. Newsflare’s clients include the MailOnline, The Telegraph, MTV and AOL and the business recently secured $3m in Series-A funding from Edge Investments.

Prior to founding Newsflare, Cornwell enjoyed a successful career in management consulting with Ernst & Young and then dunnhumby before co-founding a successful customer analytics business. He now applies his decision-making nous and dedication to leading the Newsflare team who are focused on taking the video platform to being the leader in its sector.

Newsflare, which offers iPhone and Android apps for recording and submitting video, was borne out of demand from digital publishers for eyewitness video shot by the public. It also acts as a broker, paying members of the public and freelance journalists who contribute newsworthy content.

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