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Jonny Evans

Word-miner, music lover, over-enthusiastic thrill-seeker

I've been writing all my life, professionally since the early-90's when I wrote about music, because I love music.
(I love music so much I ended up working with bands before I became a writer, I was a manager, promoter, DJ, merchandiser, security guard and caterer. I still love live music, from Giant Sand to Motorhead to Skrillix).

Writing about music in the decade of the desktop publishing revolution led me to get a Mac. When I did I got interested in the Mac as a tool for creative people. That interest led me to become the News Editor at Macworld in the UK (online and print), a post I held for almost a decade.

Since going freelance I've written in the US and the UK. I write a daily Apple blog over at Computerworld in the US (it's great, do visit). I've also written for Macworld, Wired, MacFormat, iCreate, PC Advisor, Digital Living, iPod User, Vanilla Plus, Guardian, Observer, Mail, and a few others. I'll even write for you, so if you need some words mined feel free to drop me a line to talk about it.

Website: Me at Computerworld

iPhone 5 Ships Late October, Carriers Claim

The iPhone 5 seems set to ship in October, with the UK release staggered to follow that in the US by one week, <a href="" target="_hplink">reports claim</a>.
17/09/2011 14:54 BST

What is Smart TV, and why Does it Matter?

These televisions are televisions with Internet access, which enables you to use the TV as a portal for all manner of online services. Surf the Web, share email or access any supported video-on-demand service, including YouTube. And much more...
08/09/2011 00:01 BST