Katherine Baldwin Author, Journalist, Coach, Speaker, Storyteller

Katherine Baldwin is a writer, journalist, coach and speaker. She is the author of How to Fall in Love – A 10-Step Journey to the Heart. Part memoir, part self-help and personal development, the book helps readers to transform themselves from the inside out, either so that they can find love or so that they can make bold choices to create the life of their dreams.
As a coach, Katherine specialises in helping professional women and men understand why they’re single, navigate the world of dating and relationships and fall in love. She runs 'How to Fall in Love' courses based on the 10-step journey outlined in her book and she offers individual coaching. Katherine also offers mid-life mentoring, helping people build their confidence and their resilience so they can make major life transitions, follow their heart and fulfill their dreams.
Katherine writes lifestyle features for magazines, newspapers and online publications and has been widely published in the national media, including in Red, Psychologies, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, the Guardian and Easy Living. She blogs for The Huffington Post and We Are The City and has appeared on TV and radio, including Newsnight and Radio 2.
Katherine has a background in international journalism. She worked as a foreign correspondent in Mexico and Brazil for the global news agencies Bloomberg and Reuters before moving back to Britain to work as a political correspondent for Reuters, based in the Houses of Parliament. She turned freelance in 2008.
Katherine speaks to teenagers and to adults about the importance of authenticity, vulnerability and of learning to manage emotions in healthy ways. She shares openly her history of self-harming, addictive and compulsive behaviours and her story of recovery in the hope her experience can benefit others.
Katherine is also a PR coach and consultant. She helps individuals and businesses craft compelling stories about their work and get those stories into the media. You can find out more about Katherine’s work at katherinebaldwin.com, read her blog at fromfortywithlove.com and follow her on Twitter @From40WithLove.

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