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Lizzie Cernik

Freelance journalist

Lizzie Cernik is a freelance journalist obsessed with food, travel and incredibly expensive shoes she can’t walk in.

Exploring the world of faff waxing, Brits abroad and a few nice holiday destinations, she also runs a travel and lifestyle blog at

Follow her on Twitter @baggagegirl for updates on her various rants, calamities and blogs.

Do Funny Women Finish Last?

They tell me that I make them laugh. That say they like me. They tell me that I'm interesting, independent or 'unique'. (Which roughly translated means 'I'd rather take a bath in regurgitated cat sick than go out with you'.) However successful the dates, the follow up is much the same.
11/01/2015 19:57 GMT

Top Five Weird Beauty Trends

Once upon a time in a far off land, nobody gave a flying badger what your foo looked like on the beach. But when the body police at Playboy magazine decided sex appeal was largely based on possession of triple Z breasts and fluorescent orange skin, looks management became more important... So what are the most popular weird beauty trends of the selfie age?
14/10/2013 15:38 BST

Why Cheesy Isn't Romantic

When it comes to matters of the heart I'm as misunderstood as that green faced witch in Wicked the Musical. Castigated as a contemptuous romance killer, I take a zero tolerance attitude on cheese.
02/08/2012 11:59 BST

Why You Should Never Get a Boob Job

It's been 20 years since Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson put boob jobs on the map with her bouncing silicon coconuts. Although surgeons claim these operations are rarely dangerous, I'm not convinced. So here are five reasons why you should keep those puppies away from the knife.
27/07/2012 14:54 BST

Can Technology Solve Family Rows?

As we move further and further away from tradition, compromise and negotiation are becoming increasingly important for families. Whilst it sounds easy enough in theory, the reality can be more challenging. So if parents can engage their tech savvy kids with a mobile app to improve family relations, I'm all for it.
17/07/2012 17:10 BST

Is Dating Politics Too Complicated?

In the 70s if you were going on regular dates and enjoying naked fun time, you could safely assume that you were in a relationship (however short-lived). These days you need a PhD in human behavioural studies to clarify your status.
11/05/2012 15:09 BST

Relationship Clichés Translated

No matter how gargantuan a woman's backside becomes, when she asks for an opinion on its size, you always tell her it's small. If it's abundantly clear her body mass index is teetering towards the 'morbidly obese/death by coronary' line, you might throw in adjectives like 'curvy' or 'cuddly'.
02/04/2012 21:36 BST

Has Internet Dating Killed Romance?

In 1992 the lonely hearts section of the internet was dominated by the kind of socially inadequate wackadoodles that collect badger porn and stroke your bottom on public transport. Fast forward 20 years and these websites are fronted by attractive young professionals with long swishy hair and pearly white TV presenter smiles.
28/03/2012 22:27 BST