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Martin Moore

Director of the Media Standards Trust

Martin Moore is director of the Media Standards Trust and author of The Origins of Modern Spin

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New Appointments Further Increase IPSO's Dependence on Powerful Industry Figures

In the last few weeks there have been significant developments in press regulation that have gone entirely unreported, despite the fact that they involve the most senior figures in the news industry, and despite that fact that they increase the dependence of the industry's new self-regulatory body, IPSO, on the major publishers.
03/11/2014 13:57 GMT

Can Newspapers Convince the Public IPSO Is Not a 'Sham'?

As IPSO - the press' response to Leveson - opened for business this week, newspapers may be wondering whether they will be able to convince the public that it is not just a replica of its discredited predecessor, the Press Complaints Commission. No doubt IPSO will receive praise from newspapers themselves - at least initially. But will this be enough to paper over its shortcomings? Based on the public's response to the coverage of the Leveson Report and its implementation by the national press, the answer is no. It is highly unlikely that positive newspaper coverage will ever convince the public that IPSO is independent or effective.
08/09/2014 17:24 BST

Is Distrust of Facebook Contagious?

Revelations about Facebook experiments are waking us up to the fact that these services are not neutral, neither are they simply there for the public good. Yet they are now an integral part of our lives...
01/07/2014 13:30 BST

The Challenges Facing Sir Alan Moses

There is no reason to doubt Sir Alan's sincerity, nor his personal desire to act independently. But it will be fascinating to see how he tries to put his personal independence into practice from a position where the independence and freedom to manoeuvre is so seriously compromised and constrained before he has even stepped over the threshold.
09/05/2014 14:01 BST

George Orwell, <i>The Daily Mail</i> and Who Really Hates England

One such author and journalist, writing at the same time as a young Ralph Miliband, was highly critical of aspects of England and Englishness. The English 'are not gifted artistically' he wrote. The English 'are not intellectual'. They have, he wrote a 'world-famed hypocrisy'.
04/10/2013 17:18 BST

The Murdochs' Annus Horribilis

How different the world looked for the Murdochs last Christmas. The BSkyB decision had just been withdrawn from Vince Cable. It now looked as though their bid would go through on the nod. Once approved this would allow the Murdoch dynasty to straddle Britain's media like a gloating colossus, dwarfing the BBC and all other commercial competitors. Politically they would be untouchable.
22/12/2011 22:42 GMT

The Sun's Right to Know

Scrutiny of public figures, of government, of commercial organisations, of celebrities, of pretty much anyone in society is a good thing in Trevor Kavanagh's world. But scrutiny of the press? Even when there is evidence of industrial scale malpractice? No. That, in Kavanagh's world, is a witch hunt.
09/10/2011 23:57 BST

Why We Need A Public Inquiry Into Phone Hacking

We don't know how far phone hacking went beyond the News of the World. Evidence from the Information Commissioner's inquiry - What Price Privacy? - found that illegal methods of intrusion went beyond News International. Who else was involved in illegal methods of information gathering?
12/07/2011 16:46 BST