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Melissa Davis

Managing Director of MD Communications

Before setting up MD Communications Melissa used her skills as Head of Media and PR for the Law Society to deliver a focussed and integrated PR drive to its 130,000 members. She was recognised as one of the leaders who instilled a campaign driven edge to the professional body and the solicitors’ profession.

Melissa has extensive campaign experience – prior to the Law Society she set up and directed the communications directorate at the Institute of Economic Affairs - the UK’s original free-market think-tank.

Melissa was also an integral part of the team on the multi million pound PR led “no” campaign which formed part of the successful “Europe Yes, Euro no” campaign against Britain’s membership of the Euro. The team was the first to use “viral marketing” in British political campaigning which led to the Chancellor at the time, Gordon Brown, ruling out UK membership of the euro for the foreseeable future back in 2004.

Melissa has considerable experience of training lawyers and politicians internationally to deal with the media and understand the importance of brand positioning and messaging. Along with other MD Communications consultants she has also trained key governments across the world as part of her pro-bono role with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

If Jay Rayner voms on your reputation

I'm taking a break for Easter and in doing so finding more time to read reviews and other lighter bits of news. Whilst cracking open the Campari I took a sharp intake of breath to observe the PR disaster for a famous hotel that is restaurant critic Jay Rayner's latest review for the Observer.
14/04/2017 12:28 BST


Emma Watson has made no secret of being a feminist - she has been a driving force behind HeForShe, a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN Women. She's openly, intelligently and unashamedly spoken about issues of inequality and the obstacles that humans with certain biological makeup face.
10/03/2017 12:19 GMT

Stop Trolling on International Women's Day

Have you ever been trolled for vaguely feminist views on Twitter? If you haven't then, regardless of whether you're male or female, all you have to do to see what it feels like is use a hashtag such as #everydaysexism in one of your tweets and the trolls will come to you.
08/03/2016 15:22 GMT

Video is Driving the Increase in Social Sharing: How to Get Involved

Have you noticed that you can now add video to virtually every social platform? Both Instagram and Twitter have added it where previously only stills were an option and although there are time limits on the videos that you can upload to these platforms, it's these snippets that are getting the most likes and shares.
23/02/2016 16:08 GMT

The UK Judiciary - A New Way?

I can't lie, it was slightly disappointing to see comments in the press last week from Lord Sumption implying that there was no rush to introduce gender equality into the judicial profession.
29/09/2015 14:15 BST

Can You Control Naming and Shaming Online?

This week, the media is going to town on the story featuring a female barrister, who received a pretty sleazy and flirty email on professional networking site LinkedIn, from a considerably older, married senior lawyer, who was clearly taken with the counsel half his age.
15/09/2015 11:05 BST

Is Justin Gatlin's Decision to Boycott the Media Right?

The modern media is so geared up for scandal and gossip that I'm not sure whether anything can rise above that, whether it's the royal family or sports. It will be interesting to see whether other athletes stand up to support Gatlin or even take a similar approach - if they do, it'll be a revolution of sorts.
15/09/2015 09:39 BST

How Not to Make a Tit Out of Yourself in a PR Crisis

Social media is a valuable tool in getting your message across and communicating with customers and clients, but as this story has demonstrated, it can also be extremely damaging if something takes hold. We have used Primark's experience and response to develop three basic principles of how to handle a viral nightmare...
31/07/2015 12:32 BST

Struck Lucky on Tinder... Now What?

Ladies and gentlemen, that sound you hear is romance exiting the building. Actually, it hasn't just left the building, it's downloaded Google Maps, entered some co-ordinates for an isolated Pacific island and is now making its way to the nearest tube towards Heathrow terminal four.
10/07/2015 08:21 BST

The Richard Hammond Show?

Of course my advice to the BBC bosses is what I have said from the start - turn the concept into the Richard Hammond Show and offer the pint sized prince too much cash to turn it down. But now I feel like I'm labouring the point...
30/06/2015 12:44 BST

Think Social Media Customer Service Has Office Hours? Think Again...

If you're going to use social media for your customer service then it's key to make sure that you've grasped the basic rule which is: respond, respond, respond. If you're used to offering customer or client service that is only available within working hours then social customer service might not work for you.
29/04/2015 11:47 BST

Why You Shouldn't Post Photos of Women's Bottoms on Social Media

Buble has an Instagram account to which he regularly posts photos of himself and his very aesthetically pleasing family, as well as various tropical locations, music related images, him in a flash car and... well... kittens. So far very innocuous...until now.
22/04/2015 17:40 BST

Budgets Are About a Message, Not the Maths

Prime minister David Cameron - First Lord of the Treasury - may be the government's PR man by background, but the Budget, the most high stakes public relations event in the politics calendar, is entrusted to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
24/03/2015 12:03 GMT

The Clarkson Fracas Reveals My Biggest Crush

While Clarkson's true-to-form casual attitude to the 'fracas' and bravado to the subsequent BBC action of suspending him might give the impression that no damage has really been done, PR-wise, many media experts would disagree.
23/03/2015 21:24 GMT

Krispy Kreme advert fiasco

You would have thought that a business that already has two Ks as its name would have some sort of guideline that clearly states no K word should ever be tagged on the end for marketing purposes. But no, the event went ahead named as KKK Wednesdays to the point of extensive local advertising and in the end the Hull branch had to issue an apology...
09/03/2015 22:42 GMT

A Video CV for Your Firm?

While this might well be a useful tool for finding talented new candidates, could it also be an opportunity for law firms to connect with prospective clients? Knowing how well I responded to this I've suggested a few of the advantages of creating a 'video CV' for your firm.
09/03/2015 14:19 GMT

Fifty Shades of $$$

With any momentous marketing success it's always worth taking a look at what it was that made it such a rip-roaring winner and whether that's translatable into other sectors. So, what lessons can be learned from Fifty Shades that don't involved a blindfold and a whip?
26/02/2015 14:53 GMT