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Nabila Pathan

Director of The Full Picture Club

Nabila Pathan is the founder/Director of the London-based news club, The Full Picture, a network of professional women that meet monthly to debate, discuss and deconstruct major news stories. In 2010 she set up blogging site called Word Play, which publishes news commentary through use of puns, innuendo and satire. She is also a Trustee at the Muslim Youth Helpline.

Saudi Arabia Accepts Recommendation to 'Abolish' Male Guardianship System

As a precursor to Saudi Arabia's report on its commitment to significant Human Rights advances at the 25th session of UN Human Rights Council, Saudi's Deputy Minister of Labor for International Affairs, featured on Newsnight this week to boast the key aspects of the report with a focus on "holistic" steps on achieving female empowerment. But a failure to confirm the lifting of the driving ban for women, even after three pushy prompts by Jeremy Paxman, made it clear that "holistic" does not include an overturn on the ban.
21/03/2014 12:18 GMT

Time to Pump More Money Into Gender Equality

Even if people's ignorance of women's inequality only stretches to the realms of women attempting to climb the career ladder, for it to be trivialized and scoffed at shows how some people are missing the point of equal representation benefiting society as a whole.
10/03/2014 13:34 GMT

Pendant In A Teacup

Let's be clear, the man wearing the pendant, as part of the story plot in the music video, disintegrated. The pendant was not the target. Even the accusation that it could be covert targeting really does not convince. It was a fashion accessory, albeit a poor choice for an ancient Egyptian video shoot where Arabic was not even the language of the times being depicted.
27/02/2014 16:39 GMT

The Hip-and-Happening Online Disagreement About the #Mipsterz Video

In trying to figure out whether the women depicted in the video are cool or whether cool is degrading/objectifying the Muslim female identity, <a href="" target="_hplink">we're clearly in a spin this week</a>.
06/12/2013 12:13 GMT