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Nick Abbot

LBC 97.3 talk show host, DJ and writer.

Currently, I am heard on LBC 97.3 in London and online on Friday and Saturday at 10pm.

I have three collections of columns on Amazon, the latest of which is here :

Come On R2, Drive My Car

Elon Musk is the man who invented cheese in a can, or something really big like that, and he told <em>Fortune</em> magazine that his Tesla Motors is two years away from achieving a fully autonomous self-driving car.
22/03/2016 16:32 GMT

Wills and Wotsit: The Great Disappearing Act

Wills and Wotsit are off on another break from their hectic routine of smiling and waving. When David Cameron jaunts off, he regularly goes by the please-the-public holiday rulebook and travels on Easyjet.
11/03/2016 15:58 GMT

Red Card And A Penalty

The governance of the sport is not our domain now either. International football is so rich that even the previously disinterested Americans are paying it heed and where money goes, crooks are sure to follow, and after them comes the Yankee law man.
29/05/2015 13:33 BST

Massed Debaters

At several points in the broadcast, all seven were shouting over each other while the chairwoman attempted to create order. It looked as easy as wrangling kittens.
03/04/2015 16:15 BST

Clackers Goes Crackers for Kippers

Minds were boggled and stupefaction abounded. It was as though no one was expecting it. Ukip's win in that desperate, grey, spume flecked boil on the backside of Essex was greeted as the first sight of a solar eclipse must have been received by a cave man. We were not expecting THAT... But we were. Everyone knew it would happen months ago.
13/10/2014 15:44 BST

The Parties' Parties

Conference season comes hard on the breathtakingly long holiday that our diligent representatives enjoy in the summer. It is so long, it straddles both Spring and Autumn and would probably subsume Winter, if they did not also get a stonking great break over Christmas.
02/10/2014 10:24 BST

And They're Off to a Standing Start

Who will win the World Cup? McDonald's, Coca Cola and Budweiser. And the Chinese, who are the ones making all those shortly to be discarded fluttering plastic national flags...
16/06/2014 15:27 BST

A Lesson in Foot Shooting From the Coalition

I know times are hard, and there is a push to cut spending on all but the most vital of projects, but perhaps a new PR whiz would be a good investment for the coalition. Someone who could persuade them against snatching defeat from the jaws of success.
22/10/2012 11:44 BST

Boris Wins

o, London went to the polls. Or rather it didn't, because: it was a bit parky out; it might have rained; we'd run out of milk; had to get to the shops; who could be arsed; it was the same old people; oh, was it on Thursday?
08/05/2012 08:48 BST

George Opens Up

In a tremendous show of openness, of the embrace of clarity, of a vivid demonstration that he gets it, George Osborne has said the he would be happy to look at publishing the tax returns of our elected representatives.
10/04/2012 10:43 BST

The New iPad Commeth

The iPad has to be the only thing that has ever been invented that the purchaser wondered what to do with it AFTER he'd bought it.
19/03/2012 12:38 GMT

Saving the World's Economy One Line at a Time

The reason we are in such dire straits is actually much simpler than that. It is because the people through whose hands all the money in world passes are stoned out of their gourds. Specifically, they are speeding their brains out on cocaine and alcohol.
12/09/2011 11:57 BST

Films May Have An Unhappy Ending

Going to the cinema is very dangerous. I mean that in a physical sense and not just that it rots your brain, turns your frontal lobes to feta cheese and causes your mind to degrade to the sort of thing that you pick out of the patterns in the soles of your trainers with a small stick
04/08/2011 12:24 BST

What I Can Recall About The Things I Can't Remember

This week I appeared before a committee of strangers who wanted to ask me a lot of questions about...I really can't remember right now but I expect it must have been important. I brought a team of characters to sit behind me to scowl at my inquisitors and look at their expensive watches a lot when I was getting into trouble, or it was time for lunch. I ordered the foam pie, which was surprisingly good, if not delivered in quite the way that befits a respected, top-notch catering company.
24/07/2011 20:30 BST

The End Of The News Of The World

Ten million people are dying of starvation in The Horn of Africa, but you didn't read about that in the papers on Sunday because all of the journalists in the land were clutching their winkies and running about in a frenzied tizzy because one of their own had been hit. The News of the World has drawn its last breath and the temporary demise, before its resurrection under another name, of the Newscorpse muckraker on Sunday trumped all other stories.
13/07/2011 13:25 BST