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Rachel Steeden

Model, Makeup artist and blogger for Models of Diversity

Proud mum of one, lover of all things involving beauty and fashion.

Qualified make up artist and curvy model.

Part of Models Of Diversity an organisation campaigning for change within the fashion industry.

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Models Of Diversity Shows Fashion Is For All

Models Of Diversity, the campaign to change the face of fashion and diversity within the media industry's put on a show like no other in Londons trendy Spitalfields market. A perfect location full of local craft, stores and people who love fashion.
03/11/2017 14:53 GMT

Models Of Diversity

As a make up artist, it is my job to follow the brief for the shoot and view the models' outfits so I can compliment the make up to it. Angel Sinclair, who was directing the shoot, specifically asked for a very natural spring/spring/summer look.
17/07/2017 10:13 BST

London Begins To Embrace Diversity In Fashion

London Fashion Week is a must for any fashion junky's diary. A place to see and be seen, the wacky and the wild, the classy and the chic, and let's not forgetting some celebrities perched on the FROW of each show.
23/03/2017 13:37 GMT

Where Are The 'Inbetweener' Models?

The past couple of years the plus size models have been taking the fashion industry by storm 'empowering women' and encouraging women to love and accept their imperfections, the cellulite... the back fat.
12/01/2017 15:25 GMT

Models Of Diversity Show The Fashion Industry What Diversity REALLY Looks Like

Days full of fabulous shows, outrageous outfits on the front row and skeletal teenagers strutting down the runway with the garments hanging off of their tiny frames. Each year the nation are shocked with the images of the painfully thin models, however designers such as Victoria Beckham who is also famed for her waif like figure continue to use them.
27/09/2016 15:04 BST

Plus Size Models Matter Too

Women need to be able to relate to the model - how can you invisage yourself in an outfit if a teenage girl with a body of a boy is modelling it? I want to open a magazine and see all types of bodies looking back at me, because the world does not come in one dress size. Everybody is different and that is what makes us beautiful.
15/08/2016 16:35 BST

Jessica Wright Launches New Shoe Collection

Former TOWIE star Jessica takes a step in the wright direction as she launches her second footwear collection for SS16. Jessica Wright looked incredible as she arrived to her launch in a white bespoke four by four emblazoned with her name along the show stopping vehicle.
08/06/2016 10:11 BST

You Will Never Look Like the Girl in the Magazine

From the age of 10 I was obsessed with models and fashion I loved the creativity and the glamour. I would look at these images and wish I to could look like those models in the magazines, being young and naive I was unaware about the hard work that is put into creating an image and that what I was really looking at were images of fantasy.
23/02/2016 17:13 GMT

Dream, Believe and Achieve

2015 was a great year for MoD, seeing many changes within the fashion industry, with the rise of the plus size model hitting headlines thanks to models like curvy model Ashley Graham and her tribe, taking to the catwalks and flaunting there curves with pride.
17/01/2016 17:07 GMT

Why Is the Fashion Industry So Black and White?

The fashion industry can make a change on how beauty is perceived and in turn I would hope in everyday life people would judge someone on them as a person, not to be judged on skin colour.
16/11/2015 10:42 GMT

We Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say

When it came to my turn to rock the runway I was more than ready to show my size 12 curves off to the crowd in a sheer top and high wasted skirt, I loved every minute of it. The cheers from the crowd and the amazing energy was a true sign of what the public like, that is diversity and real people who they can relate to.
14/10/2015 17:21 BST