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Rex Pester

Music Blogger (Oxford)

Rex is a staff writer on the Oxford Student whining about people with more talent than him. When not writing about music or studying for his pointless degree, Rex also blogs at

Less Emotional Intelligence than a Chimpanzee

Reddit is wonderful, its a community full of pseudo-lonely teens and post-teens digesting the entirety of the internet and putting it into bite-size chunks, wonderfully categorszed to appeal to your exact taste.
31/01/2012 09:42 GMT

Is David Cameron Absolutely Fabolous?

In 2003, Fabolous - a Brooklyn-born Hip Hop artist - released the single <em>Into You</em>, regarding a certain special someone with whom he shared a love which was inexplicable (note: the line "I can't really explain it" repeated ad nauseum).
18/01/2012 10:59 GMT

Austrian Economics? That's What I Go to School For!

I'm glad musicians care about stuff like this, I genuinely am. But I really wonder why it is necessary for anyone who isn't involved in the political process to so vehemently stick for or against a party.
07/10/2011 15:55 BST