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Russ Litten


Russ Litten was born at the end of the 60's, grew up in the 70's and left school in the 80's. He spent the subsequent decades in a bewildering variety of jobs before becoming a freelance writer at the turn of the century, contributing pieces to The Independent, Reader's Digest, The Yorkshire Post and BSKY B. After writing drama for television, radio and film, his first novel, SCREAM IF YOU WANT TO GO FASTER was published by William Heinemann in January 2011. He lives with his family in Kingston Upon Hull.

Writing a Prison Sentence

I've been a writer in residence in HM prisons for 18 months now. Despite making a living from writing for the last 10 years, I think I've learnt more about the power of words in this environment than any other in my so called career.
15/02/2012 22:16 GMT