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Simon Jenkins

Writer, The Guardian

Simon Jenkins writes for the London Sunday Times and was previously editor of The Times. After ten years as its twice-weekly columnist he is shortly to join the new Guardian in the same capacity, combining it with his Sunday Times column. He has written and broadcast extensively about politics and his second love, architecture. He wrote histories of the Portuguese revolution, the British press, the Falklands war and is currently writing a political biography of Margaret Thatcher and Thatcherism. His two recent compendiums, England's Thousand Best Churches and England's Thousand Best Houses are published in America by Viking.

Why Is Britain Ramping Up Sanctions Against Iran?

Rattling a sabre whenever Washington says so is the most humiliating idiocy. Do any of Britain's leaders really think further economic sanctions will stop Iran's nuclear programme? I cannot believe it.
06/01/2012 17:35 GMT