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Stephen Kahn

Journalist and author of the cultural blog

Stephen Kahn was City Editor of the Daily Express until his retirement a couple of years ago. He launched the Grapefruitcrazy cultural blog in January 2010. He writes regularly under the GC name on a wide range of subjects including politics, media, art, cinema, food, sport and sex. The title of his blog is health-related and explained on his home page.

The Truth Behind Noisy Orgasms

A quickie will not tick all of a woman's boxes. But even if men probably relish such encounters more, it helps keep the working parts of a relationship - both physical and psychological - in working order until the opportunity arises for that much-anticipated banquet.
17/08/2011 16:12 BST

The Riots - A Londoner's Despair

For the last three days I have been tuned to radio and television reports of the riots across London, which ignited in Tottenham on Saturday night and have been spreading in copycat outbreaks ever since.
09/08/2011 12:23 BST