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Steve Taylor

LGBTI activist, Pride leader, Blogger

Steve is an LGBTI activist whose work focuses on Pride events across Europe. He is an elected Board Member of EuroPride, the European Pride Organisers Association, Co-Founder and former Co-Chair of the UK Pride Organisers Network, and was Co-Chair of the Communications Committee of InterPride. His full time work is as Communications Director for ILGA-Europe. His background is in campaigning, and from 2014-2017 he worked for Changing Faces, the UK charity that campaigns for 'face equality' for people who have a disfigurement to their face or body. He lives in London and Brussels.

The Isle Of Wight Is Brimming With Pride, And Rightly So

It's amazing how much can happen in a year. In a couple of weeks, it'll be exactly a year since a columnist on the <em>Isle of Wight County Press</em> began her weekly column in the paper with: 'Pencils poised on your new diaries, everybody, and get ready for July 15, the undoubted highlight on the Island's 2017 schedule of exciting events'.
16/11/2017 12:06 GMT

Getting Bi Isn't Enough: Bisexuals Must Feel Welcome At Pride

We - as Pride organisers - need to do more. We need to tell performers that their tired old tropes poking fun at bisexuals, trans people - in fact, anyone in our community - are unacceptable. With foresight into their acts, we probably shouldn't be booking them in the first place.
03/09/2017 15:43 BST

This Weekend Is The First 'UK Pride'. Here's Why It Matters

Britain now holds the record for having the most Pride events in Europe. At the last count we've got way over 100, possibly approaching 120, and this weekend brand new Prides take place in Bideford in Devon and in Eastbourne in East Sussex. Over the course of the year, millions of people across the UK will visit a Pride. And that's something to celebrate.
21/07/2017 13:49 BST

15 Reasons The First Isle Of Wight Pride Was A Triumph

The Parade was huge - and it was probably the biggest Parade I've ever seen at an inaugural Pride. Groups included the fire service, Sainsbury's, the Labour Party and lots more. I was privileged to be in the open top bus at the front of the Parade - and as we reached the bottom of the hill, and looked back, there were people as far as the eye could see.
19/07/2017 14:28 BST

Whether Partying Or Protesting, It's Pride Season. Let's Be Proud!

Like all Prides, Pride in London is still a protest. This year, you'll see protests about the lack of equal marriage in Northern Ireland. The spousal veto for trans people. The fact that men who have sex with men still face hurdles that prevent them giving blood. About PrEP, Chechnya, LGBT+ refugees and lots of other issues.
04/06/2017 22:36 BST

Eurovision: It's Not 'Gay Christmas' For LGBT+ Ukrainians

We'll see a sanitised Kiev on our screens this weekend, with Eurovision taking place in a huge arena with a massive security operation that will show you nothing of the reality of the situation outside. There will certainly be 'high camp', and it might well be 'gay Christmas', but only inside the arena.
12/05/2017 16:27 BST

Chechnya: The Clock Is Ticking And We Have A Month

Until governments act, and these abuses can be brought to an end, we are all nervously relying on the heroes at the Russian LGBT Network who are putting their own lives at risk, and those of their families and friends, to evacuate those at risk from Chechnya. Removing people to a place of safety is not an easy job, and nor is it something that can be done without funds.
27/04/2017 07:58 BST

Why We Must Protest About LGBT+ Abuse In Chechnya

The reason we're protesting tonight is because London - and the UK - must show that it will not sit back while human rights abuses are perpetrated on our European doorstep. We can't celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of decriminalisation of homosexuality if we ignore the persecution of LGBT+ people today.
12/04/2017 12:06 BST

Whether LGBT+ Or Straight, You Have A Duty To Come To Pride In 2017

Come to celebrate, and to party. Come to show support for the millions of young people unsure of their sexuality. Come to support the hundreds of campaigning organisations and charities in the parades and running stalls. Come to show solidarity with the billions of people worldwide who don't enjoy the freedoms you do.
08/01/2017 21:29 GMT

The Isle of Wight Needs Pride, Not Homophobia

You'd think, six months on from the Pulse nightclub massacre in Florida, that even the most ignorant person would have a greater awareness of the hatred still faced by the LGBT+ community. Sadly, a columnist on a British regional newspaper has disproved that theory with a vengeance.
12/12/2016 12:21 GMT

Could Pride Have Saved My Uncle's Life?

Back when my uncle was diagnosed, I wrote to the Terrence Higgins Trust, asking for information and advice. We still had the 'ignorance' campaign in our minds and we were terrified - not least when I saw my mum kiss her dying brother on the forehead.
30/11/2016 17:11 GMT

Trump's Homophobia Will Hit Us In Europe

Donald Trump's LGBT credentials - or, rather, the lack of them - are well known and don't need a further recital here. And whilst they must mean that we fear for both the physical and emotional safety and security of LGBT+ people in the US, his opinions have a far reaching consequence that sits right on our doorstep...
11/11/2016 16:47 GMT