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Sufian Farrukh

Tech Geek, IoT Blogger & Online Security Analyst

Sufian Farrukh is an Infosec Strategist, a member of IDG Tech Influencer Network and Research Supervisor in various universities. He has a passion to read and write in areas such as Cyber-Security, Internet of Things, FinTech, Cloud Computing, Logistics and Artificial Intelligence.

Sufian is a post graduate from Sydney Business School, UOW, Australia. You can contact him at

Role Of Blockchain In The Internet Of Things: SWOT Analysis

Are our laptops and smartphones the only devices connected to the large virtual space, the internet? Certainly, not! The internet, as we know today, connects a diverse range of devices that are built to make life more convenient.
05/09/2017 13:38 BST

Parenting In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

If we look at AI from a human perspective, the technology is designed to assist us and make our life more convenient. It, however, cannot teach as human values and ethics. Regardless, the technology seems to be winning the hearts of parents and it is expected to carry out that purpose more efficiently in the coming future.
04/08/2017 13:51 BST

How VPN Can Get You A Healthy State Of Mind

From a luxury available to a select few to the basic need of almost everyone, the internet has indeed grown by leaps and bounds. Besides making information widely available, the internet has opened new channels of communications between individuals, separated by thousands of miles.
17/02/2017 14:13 GMT

How The Internet of Things Is Transforming Societal Values?

Reality is that we spend more time on our phones and other digital gadgets than we spend with our loved ones. It's like they have become the air that we breathe in; we walk and sleep with them, eat and play with them to the extent that we have forgotten to spend time face-to-face with people.
16/12/2016 10:15 GMT

How Internet Of Things Will Revolutionise The Supply Chain?

What supply chains were missing can now be achieved with the combination of mobile computing, and cloud services, all of which are influenced by the rise of IoT. This will change how the delivery & fulfillment companies are performing their operations & related services.
09/12/2016 12:43 GMT

Security Myths That Can Make Brits Laugh... Or Cry

Since different people have different orientation based on their cultures, regions and environment, there could be hundreds of cyber security myths which might not be covered by security experts or bloggers. Therefore, a culture of research needs to be prevailed.
07/12/2016 17:16 GMT

University Students In The UK Are Falling Victim To Phishing Attacks

According to a report released by National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, students in the UK's universities are being hit by a new wave of phishing emails that claim to offer a scholarship or an educational grant. The phishing email takes them to a fake website where they are deceived into revealing their personal information such as bank details.
05/10/2016 12:15 BST