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Susie Amy

Actress and beauty blogger

Having been an actress for over a decade, with a burning love for writing and all things beauty, a beauty blog seemed to be the perfect thing to be doing right now. Not only beauty, but also diet and fitness - more from an encouraging and empathetic point of view than an expert one. Product of the week, tips from make up artists and friends of mine in the industry, and bargain products all feature heavily. I love discovering little known treatment places abroad. I love hearing feedback from other people interested in treatments and beauty. And I love sharing any knowledge I have picked up inquisitively along the way, and passing it on.

Sleep and Stress - Tips, Products and Pressure Points

We all know that getting enough sleep is good for us. But I have a mental block when it comes to sleeping. I asked for some advice when having reflexology a few months ago, and last week I asked my reflexologist Paolo, to remind me which pressure points can be worked on at home, when struggling to sleep and relax.
07/03/2012 22:40 GMT

MAC Impassioned Lipstick and Fish Finger Sandwiches

Lipstick colours take a bit of playing around with. Obviously much depends on skin tone and lip shape. It's fun to experiment with colours, and make up styles. For anyone who enjoys wearing make up, it seems a shame to use the same products, and colour palettes day after day.
20/02/2012 22:13 GMT

1950s Sexy and Celebrity Make Up Artist Tips

I did a photoshoot recently - 50s style. Since turning 30, I have enjoyed wearing lipstick - proper lipstick - more than ever. Eyebrows and lashes, are however, and have always been, as vital to me as they were to ladies of this era.
10/02/2012 23:29 GMT

Sneezing - the Public Enemy

It's amazing what goes into your head, and won't come out. As a teenager, I read an article about sneezing. There was a picture of a person sneezing, and a huge cloud of germs around them. Ever since, if someone sneezes near me, my mind sees the huge cloud of germs.
05/01/2012 15:18 GMT

Clarisonic - How I've Longed for You

In October, I bought a Clarisonic. I had walked out of an eyebrow appointment on Weybridge High Street, Space NK caught my eye, and I knew I had found my moment. A little early for a Christmas present for myself, but that's what I told myself it was, as I flung the door open and announced, for all to hear - "I need a Clarisonic".
05/01/2012 15:05 GMT

Beauty Products of the Year 2011

As this year is coming to an end, I very much wanted to do a blog giving special mentions to my own personal stand out products from each category. The difficult thing is, I love many products from every category... I would absolutely love to hear any of your own!
31/12/2011 19:55 GMT

Christmas Shopping - The Lazier, Easier, Cheaper Way

It becomes difficult when friends begin to have children, not one friend with one child, but multiple friends with multiple children - where do you draw the line? Godchildren, and nieces and nephews are essentials. But what about your godchild's siblings? And other dear friends, and extended family with children too? Of course you want to buy for everyone, but is it possible?
16/12/2011 23:03 GMT

Perfect Winter Lipstick Shades

I am starting rehearsals for a play on Monday. The cast and production team may think I look a little crazy wearing a different striking lipstick each day - but I have so many that I should wear more - so I am going to do it! Maybe on Monday I will go for a fairly safe choice having said that!
12/12/2011 23:02 GMT