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Tom Doran

Writer, liberal fascist, mordant optimist

Tom Doran is a 25-year-old writer from Cardiff. Educated primarily through the medium of Welsh, he briefly studied Mathematics at Imperial College, London and English at Cardiff University, before realising his future lay in self-education. A long-term sufferer with severe clinical depression, he is currently pursuing a promising recovery and writing on whatever happens to interest him, especially politics, music and literature. He can often be found on Twitter, buzzing mosquito-like around various public intellectuals, or in his lair, brooding on the infinite.

Dear Leader

Much unkind comment has been passed on George Galloway, MP for Bradford West. He is accused of being a "pimp for fascism", of operating an unregistered charity for personal gain, of sucking up to Saddam Hussein and, perhaps most damningly, of killing satire with a rusty crowbar and leaving it to rot in a ditch.
11/09/2012 11:23 BST

How <em>Peep Show</em> Saved the Sitcom

Mark enters a relationship with Sophie (Olivia Colman) and finds, quite rapidly, that... he doesn't really like her. This isn't anyone's fault, neither are presented as terrible human beings. They're just fundamentally incompatible and only end up steamrolling into marriage due to crippling mutual loneliness.
07/09/2012 11:40 BST

Sympathy for the Devil

There I was, an angry, idealistic and (therefore) insufferable 15-year-old, on the train to <a href="" target="_hplink">my first proper protest march</a> with my ex-Trotskyist, Blairphobic father.
28/08/2012 14:11 BST

Propaganda, Good and Bad

Some words are probably irretrievable. It would be a brave blogger who mounted a campaign for acceptable fascism or a kinder eugenics.
23/08/2012 11:36 BST

The Human Right

If the name <a href="" target="_hplink">David Frum</a> is at all familiar to British ears, it is generally closely accompanied by "the man who <a href="" target="_hplink">coined the phrase</a> 'Axis of Evil'". This may be enough for some readers to dismiss anything he has to say as the work of a crypto-fascist, imperialist running dog, but they do so at their peril.
17/08/2012 13:30 BST

Why Tories Miss John Major

Those of us on the left who were sceptical of the coalition must concede at least one thing: they are certainly efficient.
13/08/2012 11:45 BST

That's How They Get You (With Apologies to E. Blair)

I like to consider myself a bone-deep cynic in the finest traditions of this nation. Grumbling is the badge of all my tribe; a positive, life-affirming species of grumble, rich with undertones of bloody-minded satisfaction.
07/08/2012 17:09 BST