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William Turvill

Freelance and NCTJ-training journalist based in London.

Freelance/ training journalist living in London. Published in the Guardian, CNBC Business Magazine, the BBC website and a variety of local/ regional newspapers and magazines.

Angels and Airwaves Fail to Outshine Blink-182

Angels and Airwaves (AVA) front-man Tom Delonge must be wondering what he has to do to shed his blink-182 skin. His new band, which now exist alongside his first, are seven years old and have released four studio albums (and a short film) but are clearly still living in a shadow.
15/04/2012 16:59 BST

Cameron vs Dawkins: Who Doesn't Get it?

It's not entirely clear what 'it' is, but it is clear that both Cameron and Dawkins are wrong in their own ways. The Church of England should certainly have the right to influence the moral decisions of its members, but just because our political leader is Christian, does not mean the entire nation's morals should be dictated in this way.
18/12/2011 22:55 GMT

Doc Martin's Idealisation of Cornwall

Following ITV's recent <em>Doc Martin</em> series, set in Cornwall, I feel concerned for those people making the opposite journey to me - away from London, towards the south-west. As someone who has spent the majority of their life in the county, I feel I should provide the reality check that someone should have given me about London.
04/11/2011 13:16 GMT