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Pricing A Painting At £1.3m In 2005: The Art Of The Stunt

Pauline Amos | Posted 20.08.2017 | UK Entertainment
Pauline Amos

Many artists have used stunts to gain attention. For example, Christo caused a blockade with oil barrels in 1962 in a Paris street, which claimed the front page the following day. It is essential for artists have to promote themselves or they will sit with their work in a vacuum.

Watch Gymnast Simone Biles Flipping To Olympic Glory In Mesmerising Flipbook

The Huffington Post | Rachel Moss | Posted 18.08.2016 | UK Lifestyle

If you’re already missing the gymnasts competing at the Rio Olympics, we have a treat for you. The talented artist behind The Flippist flipbooks has...

The Real Dog Days of Summer for Rescues

Janetta Harvey | Posted 10.08.2017 | UK
Janetta Harvey

By celebrating dogs like these, this art project might just show people how normal dogs in rescue are. That they're homeless, often nothing more complicated than this. Too often people dismiss adopting animals, fearing they'll come with all kinds of problems. This misperception must change and this original project might just help some dogs be adopted and counter the dismal swell of those being given up.

Best of the Edinburgh Fest for a Weekend Visit

Heather Irish | Posted 06.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Heather Irish

Today the world's biggest art festival hits Edinburgh's gardens and closes for three weeks! The city's population doubles in size as people from all over the world flock to the streets and the various festival venues. The streets are filled with performances and exhibitions, actors arrive at bars in their outfits post performance and bars and clubs are open late - 3 am and 5 am.

This Pen Claims To Reproduce Almost Any Colour On The Planet

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 05.08.2016 | UK Tech

This is the Cronzy pen. It doesn’t have the best name in the world, in fact it doesn’t even feel that easy to say, and yet say it you will because...

The Museum Series: The Artist and Curator

Alexander Bowden | Posted 29.07.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Alexander Bowden

This month I spoke with the brilliant Matt Smith, an artist and curator based in Hove, UK. Matt discussed the links between art and curatorship and the opportunities artistic residencies can give to both artists and museums.

At Home With Biggins - The Shakespearean Actor

Laura-Jane Foley | Posted 31.07.2017 | UK Entertainment
Laura-Jane Foley

Christopher Biggins, already the favourite to win this year's Celebrity Big Brother is best known as a media personality and pantomime favourite. But ...

This Groundbreaking New Menswear Exhibition Has Launched In London

The Huffington Post | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 29.07.2016 | UK Style

An incredible art exhibition exploring race and male sexuality through fashion has launched in London this month. Created by stylist Ibrahim Kamara an...

The Republic of Korea Partners With Unesco for Stronger Cultural Industries in Uganda

Salma Zulfiqar | Posted 21.07.2017 | UK
Salma Zulfiqar

With East Africa rapidly emerging as one of the the world's creative and entrepreneurial hotspots, UNESCO is launching a new project in Uganda on 27 July to strengthen the country's cultural industries and the skills of creative professionals.

Loz From Ride Grills Me About Violet Beauregarde's Gum

Piney Gir | Posted 20.07.2017 | UK Entertainment
Piney Gir

For all the indie music lovers out there, you'll know that Loz Colbert is of course the drummer from seminal 90's shoegaze band, Ride. We've known each other for years, having briefly played in an Oxford-based band together for a bit, we reconnected over our involvement with Gaz Coombes. Loz drums for him. I sang BV's for Gaz's Matatour at the end of last year. Small world, swings and roundabouts, yadda yadda yadda = it's all good how that stuff works out.

Review: Georgia O'Keeffe, Tate Modern 'Moments of Brilliance'

Victoria Sadler | Posted 19.07.2017 | UK Entertainment
Victoria Sadler

The Tate's continuing commitment to platforming female artists continues apace with this Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition, the Tate Modern's big summer sho...

This Is Why There Are Thousands Of Naked People Painted Blue Around Hull

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 09.07.2016 | UK
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This article contains nudity Thousands of people have stripped and been painted blue as they starred in a huge installation to celebrate Hull’s rel...

Event: Place Des Anges - Hull

Roger Crow | Posted 04.07.2017 | UK Entertainment
Roger Crow

The City of Culture starts on January 1, 2017 and if this curtain-raiser is anything to go by, residents and visitors are in for a Hull of a time.

How Can Creative Technologies Develop as a 'Contemporary' Artform? Four Lessons From Dance

Leila Johnston | Posted 02.07.2017 | UK Tech
Leila Johnston

But 'art' means something quite different to digital culture than to the established performance arts. In digital, everything is still very new and being worked out. Claims to artistry in digital work on the whole go unchallenged - we are desperate to embrace anything, so long as it has sufficient fans, and this desperation and speedy ranking in the social stakes impacts terribly on quality and thoughtfulness.

What Politicians Can Learn From Artists About What It Is to Be Human

Scarlett Raven | Posted 30.06.2017 | UK Entertainment
Scarlett Raven

Someone once said that all art is political. I'm not sure that is completely true because while many artists do cross into the political arena, there are plenty of others too wrapped up in themselves to care about anything else apart from their own personal universe.

Showcasing Creativity

Dr Paul Thompson | Posted 22.06.2017 | UK Entertainment
Dr Paul Thompson

June is always an exciting time of year for anyone working in design, as this month marks student degree shows in UK art and design universities. If you studied these subjects, cast your mind back to the effort that went into your final push, the excitement you felt at bringing all your hard work together in one last display.

This Photographer Is Turning Pictures Of Commuters Into 16th Century-Style Artwork

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 22.06.2016 | UK

Anyone who regularly uses the London Underground would probably scoff at the idea that there is beauty to be found in the sweaty commute. But one arti...

Towards a 'Contemporary Creative Technology': How Dance and Tech Can Learn to Talk to Each Other

Leila Johnston | Posted 21.06.2017 | UK Tech
Leila Johnston

I was very impressed with Rambert, and my response relates to my experiences of technology over the years - its 'experts', its attitude to women, its assumptions and working practices.

Rwanda's Creative Industries Policy takes Shape through the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Salma Zulfiqar | Posted 18.06.2017 | UK
Salma Zulfiqar

''It's really important to have creativity to solve challenges in society, especially following our troubled past. We have to be creative to find solu...

This Illustrator Captures Our Obsession With Instagram Beauty

The Huffington Post | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 16.06.2016 | UK Style

Flawlessly contrived selfies, beauty hauls and inspirational quotes appear to make up the backbone of many women's Instagram posts - but one brilliant...

Alfredo Volpi: Cecilia Brunson Projects

Bob Chaundy | Posted 14.06.2017 | UK Entertainment
Bob Chaundy

Alfredo Volpi (1896-1988) has earned a reputation as one of the most influential figures in 20th century Brazilian art. His work fetches seven-figure sums and has featured in numerous retrospectives and books.

Stunning Photo Series Of Everyday Items Taken Apart And Photographed

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 13.06.2016 | UK Tech

Ever wondered what the innards of a computer or a fire extinguisher looked like? A photographer from Toronto, Canada, has created a stunning series of...

Palestinian Student: 'Look at Us as Humans, Not Terrorists'

Rima Amin | Posted 07.06.2017 | UK
Rima Amin

Graffiti artist Marck Emaya is a Fine Arts student at Dar al-Kalima University College Arts and Culture in Bethlehem. From childhood he was fascinated...

Review: Idiot Verse by Keaton Henson

Phil Brown | Posted 02.06.2017 | UK Entertainment
Phil Brown

"I am willing to pay due respect to the poetry of George Meredith, of Thomas Hardy, of DH Lawrence as part of their oeuvre, without conceding that it ...

Artist's Beautiful Tribute To His Dead Cat Will Melt Your Heart

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 01.06.2016 | UK Lifestyle

For years, digital artist Richard Saunders was inspired by his feline friend, Tolly. After spotting a bush that looked like a sleeping cat, the artis...