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Here Come the Greens...

Zahid Ayden | Posted 23.01.2015 | UK Politics
Zahid Ayden

On Monday, the Green Party unveiled their new campaign poster in Westminster, boasting a rich, emerald green where the MP of Brighton Pavillion Caroline Lucas and party leader Natalie Bennett stand, both with beaming smiles and the tagline: What are you afraid of boys? - I like it...

Students Could Swing The Outcome Of The 2015 Election

The Huffington Post UK | Keumars Afifi-Sabet | Posted 02.12.2014 | UK Universities & Education

Students could swing the result in up to 10 constituencies in next year’s general election despite only making up 3% of the population, research has...

Ukip Can't Turn Back the Clock

Bob Morgan | Posted 10.01.2015 | UK Politics
Bob Morgan

Ukip will ultimately disappoint (because all parties do in the end) - at the moment Ukip are many things to their supporters - an alternative to the establishment, a 'friend' to the ordinary man... In reality they promise little more than wanting us out of the EU even though we appear to be doing well whilst in Europe with a growing UK economy.

The Strange Rebirth of Conservative England

Stuart Thomson | Posted 21.12.2014 | UK Politics
Stuart Thomson

For many it never really went away but the political agenda is currently being dominated by the issues, politicians and parties of the right.

Labour Takes the Lead in NHS Opener

David Boot | Posted 09.12.2014 | UK Politics
David Boot

Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are scrabbling over the title as the most trusted party on the NHS, and for good reason. Polling has shown that the NHS, always high on the list of issues most important to the electorate, is likely to be priority number one come election day. Don't expect the noise around the NHS to abate anytime soon...

'Unlawful' Housing Campaigners Forced To Abandon Occupation

Posted 03.10.2014 | UK

A group of campaigners "unlawfully" occupying unused houses to oppose their demolition are being forced out by a London council, despite being granted...

The Real Problem With Ed

Iddo Goldfarb | Posted 16.09.2014 | UK Politics
Iddo Goldfarb

Whenever I see Ed Miliband trying to pretend he's a human, I'm always reminded of a particular scene in Mark Tavener's criminally underrated sitcom Absolute Power in which the oily sultan of spin Charles Prentiss (not so much played by as written for Stephen Fry) is sizing up dowdy Tory shadow minister Joanne Standing (basically a pilot version of The Thick of It's Nicola Murray).

So, What Do You Think You Could Have Done Differently?

Dr Andrew Crines | Posted 22.08.2014 | UK Politics
Dr Andrew Crines

At the end of the day one of the two main parties will form the next government, either with or without a third party. Each of them could do something now to enhance their chances, however it would seem as though it is Labour and the Liberal Democrats who have the most immediate need. The tragedy of their position is on 8 May 2015 they will be kicking themselves if they do nothing.

It's Time to Take Voting Online

Jade Lane | Posted 22.07.2014 | UK Tech
Jade Lane

I can't help but think that local councils are missing a trick here. In our technology-driven world where we manage much of our lives online, from personal finances to doing our shopping, surely it would make sense to introduce the option of being able to vote online?

Non-White Voters May Hold The Key to The Next General Election

Adam Afriyie | Posted 09.07.2014 | UK Politics
Adam Afriyie

I'm pleased that black and Asian voters want to back the Conservatives. I did when I was young and I don't regret it. When I joined I knew that the Conservative Party didn't care whether I was 1st, 3rd or 300th generation British.

How to Solve a Problem Like Maria

Jake Hurfurt | Posted 08.06.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Jake Hurfurt

Less than a quarter of Britons trust MPs. This worrying fact was published in an IPSOS/Mori poll in December 2013. If you polled the same people today, that figure would be below a fifth, thanks to the renewed scandal Maria Miller has brought to the Commons.

Where Are All the Tory Tweeters?

Lee Langford | Posted 20.05.2014 | UK Politics
Lee Langford

One final statistic that helps to explain Shapps' #epic fail is that his use of the pronoun "they" to reference 'hardworking people' would help to alienate daily Twitter users in particular since 51% are in full-time work or self-employed compared with the average of 44%.

How to Succeed in Politics in Seven Easy Lessons

Nick Abbot | Posted 03.05.2014 | UK Politics
Nick Abbot

If you follow these rules and still don't get any MPs at the next general election, worry not. You will have, at the very least, gained notoriety and fame, you will be more powerful than you were and you will have made rich, helpful contacts that would otherwise not have been available to you, and if that doesn't spell political success, I don't know what does.

A Few Political Thoughts

Dr Andrew Crines | Posted 01.03.2014 | UK Politics
Dr Andrew Crines

This is not the nicest of days, so in that context I thought I'd present a few random political thoughts! Very briefly, at Westminster it was one where the Conservative Party publically re-embraced Thatcherism, where One Nation Labour struggled to emerge further yet held on for life, and the United Kingdom Independence Party continued its long march to significance...

Women MPs 'Face Sexist Gestures' In The Commons

The Huffington Post/PA | Posted 06.12.2013 | UK Politics

Tory MPs have been accused of making sexist gestures to female opponents while they are speaking in the House of Commons. Labour MP Sarah Champion ...

Australia's Refugee Shame

Nikki McWatters | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
Nikki McWatters

There will always be poor and oppressed people, struggling, seeking safe havens. To stop people from seeking legitimate asylum from persecution is to engage in it and perpetrate it. If you had to stand by and watch Jewish children loaded onto wagons for the concentration camps, what would you do? What could you do? I have no muscle and a small voice. But I'm raising it in anger and frustration.

Poll Shows Labour Lead Shrinking

The Huffington Post/UK | Posted 19.10.2013 | UK

Another poll has indicated Labour's poll lead is narrowing as the economy shows signs of revival. Research by ComRes for the Independent on Sunday ...

Creative Conferences?

Nick Jefferson | Posted 27.11.2013 | UK
Nick Jefferson

It's the season of party conferences here the UK. In the wake of Lehman, and almost by default, politicians of all colours like to call for a rebalancing of the UK economy towards manufacturing. Making things seems, prima facie, a common sense way to help revive the nation. But what if how we think of our history is wrong?

Britain's Golden Era

Ben Gwalchmai | Posted 04.11.2013 | UK
Ben Gwalchmai

"China's power is on the rise." "India's capability worries the west." Sound familiar? If I ask 'What's Britain's golden age?' What's your first res...

Goodbye Racist Van

The Huffington Post UK | Tom Moseley | Posted 29.07.2013 | UK

Campaigners have bid "good riddance" to the Home Office's controversial illegal immigration van after it left the streets of London after just one wee...

Will Nick Clegg Follow Through on His Promise for Reform?

Sean Axtell | Posted 27.08.2013 | UK Politics
Sean Axtell

Yet following the close-fisted way that Westminster handled the Bill, we must be prepared for it to stall yet again unless Nick Clegg acts swiftly on his pledge for transparency.

Scottish Conservative Leader Refused Alcohol At Bruce Springsteen Concert

Huffington Post UK | Posted 20.06.2013 | UK Politics

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, was refused alcohol at a concert she attended with another Tory MP after the barman thought s...

Support For Tories Doubles Amongst Young People

Huffington Post UK | Posted 19.06.2013 | UK Politics

The Conservative party have seen a surge in support from young people under the leadership of David Cameron, in part due to their unrelenting pursuit ...

Ed Miliband 'Lacks Credible Economic Message', Says Party Donor

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 30.05.2013 | UK Politics

A top Labour donor has criticised Ed Miliband for lacking a "credible" economic message. The attack came on the same day a YouGov poll showed Milib...

Anti-Gay Marriage Campaigners 'Like Christians Who Used The Bible To Support Slavery'

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 30.05.2013 | UK

A senior bishop has likened opponents of gay marriage to Christians who used the Bible to support slavery. The Anglican Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt...