The Challenges Facing the Constitutional Convention

The Challenges Facing the Constitutional Convention

Henry C.H. Hill  10.10.2012
A joined-up approach to devolution policy is long past due.

Harvey Nichols Edinburgh - AW12 Runway Show

Christina Miller  27.09.2012
Harvey Nichols Edinburgh hosted a fashion show last night, showcasing their AW12 collections for Edinburgh's most stylish shoppers. Guests...

Canned Laughter Aims to Expose Reel Laughter at the Cannes Film Festival

John Fleming  19.09.2012
Jonathan is also half of comedy duo Teakshow. But, as well as the comedy streak running through him there is an entrepreneurial streak....
Edinburgh Woman Killed In Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Edinburgh Woman Killed In Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Jessica Elgot  19.09.2012
An Edinburgh woman killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan sent a poignant tweet on the day she returned to the country's capital, wondering...

The Eyebrows Have It

Christina Miller  14.09.2012
Everyone knows that the facial feature of the moment is the brow. Ever since Arizona Muse stepped on to the runway (and in to numerous...

Translunar Paradise was a Work of Lyrical Beauty

Sandy Thomas  9.09.2012
Saturday September 8th, 2012 I was so lucky to see 'Translunar Paradise' in Edinburgh.' It's one of those theater pieces that will haunt...
I Think I Smell a Rat!

I Think I Smell a Rat!

Matthew Phillips  3.09.2012
For the purposes of this article, I am prepared to be uncharacteristically candid: I compulsively read my reviews and, what's more, I naively...

The End of the Edinburgh Fringe 2012

Alexis Dubus  31.08.2012
I have made some interesting choices this Fringe. One is to do an obscene amount of shows. The final figure stands at 106. This is not...
WATCH: 'Sherlock' Creator Gives Fascinating Masterclass

WATCH: 'Sherlock' Creator Gives Fascinating Masterclass

Sherlock creator Steven Moffat revealed the three key themes of Series Three for the hit BBC One drama last Friday in Edinburgh during...
Lexicon of Loss

Lexicon of Loss

Liam Mullone  27.08.2012
In honour of August 2012 - the Fringe of Misery, as it shall e'er be known - I've compiled a handy lexicon of Fringewords for performers....

Alfie Brown - Soul for Sale - 4 ½ stars

Pete Strauss  24.08.2012
I'd like to apologise in advance if this article crosses the boundary from critical praise into sycophancy but I genuinely can't recommend...

Matt Roper is Tapping Away Laboriously

Matt Roper  23.08.2012
Being encouraged to climb a fibre-glass cow at quarter to four in the morning with two girls from Lancaster and an accountant named Henry...

Magical Edinburgh Fringe

Chris Cox  23.08.2012
For over 10 years I've spent most of August in Edinburgh at the festival and for five of those years I've been performing shows. Now working...

Where the Devil Eats a Sandwich

Bye Bye World  22.08.2012
How quickly does one get used to a new environment? Here, in the Scottish capital, hundreds of thousands of people roam the streets slipping...