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No More Boys And Girls? - LGBT Families Take On Gender

Sarah Hagger-Holt | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK Parents
Sarah Hagger-Holt

We were shocked, but not really surprised, by the programme's findings about the differences in expectations and treatment of girls and boys. And, it's hard to deny its conclusion: that these stereotypes affect how our children grow up - from the jobs they choose to the way in which they are able to express their emotions.

Let Children Just Be Children

Tamara Spurway | Posted 14.09.2017 | UK Parents
Tamara Spurway

I've been watching the news and discussions on the child that wants to be known as a girl and wear a dress to school and how one set of parents have taken their child out of that school because it has made their own children anxious and upset. 

Learning To Be Yourself: Why We Need To Liberate Masculinity From Its Self-Inflicted Shackles

Andrea Carlo | Posted 13.09.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Andrea Carlo

What does it mean to be a 'man'? To play sports, drink beer, 'get laid', work out, and drive fast cars? Of course, this is 2017. No one really thinks like this any more. We all know that, by now, we have accepted that masculinity is a nuanced, multifaceted, even elusive, concept that can encompass various ways of living.

Live Performance Is As Fluid As Gender

Ruby Glaskin | Posted 13.09.2017 | UK Entertainment
Ruby Glaskin

But I've spent my whole working life and most of my childhood connected to live performance so I can reel off a million reasons why it matters. Recently however, one justification in particular has been at the forefront of my mind. I have been producing a new show called BULLISH with my theatre company Milk Presents.

Dresses And Trousers...

Jen Faulkner | Posted 12.09.2017 | UK Parents
Jen Faulkner

We live in a world full to bursting with diversity and to deny any child experience of that is dangerous in my opinion. How about teaching children to accept everyone? And that there are no rules about clothing and gender?

Gender-Neutral Clothing Is The Start Of Better Sex Education

Rachel Bell | Posted 11.09.2017 | UK Parents
Rachel Bell

'Gender-neutral' simply means stereotype-free, and starting with clothes labels is a step in the right direction to expressing full humanity, academic potential and healthy relationships

The News Of Genderless Childrenswear Should Be Unifying Not Divisive News

Jasmine Luby Barrow | Posted 11.09.2017 | UK Parents
Jasmine Luby Barrow

Stipulating what is appropriate to wear according to your sex is the 'norm'. It's been that way for one hell of a long time, too. After generations of kids being herded into a gender mould, John Lewis has become the first British store to let them choose whatever they like for themselves.

Inclusivity v.s. Diversity: The Technology Sector Challenge

Jon Topper | Posted 04.09.2017 | UK Tech
Jon Topper

The recent Google memo furore shows that there are people in the tech industry who honestly believe that women and people of colour are genetically less capable of working as engineers - a set of assertions based on exceptionally flawed science. Research actually shows that teams with higher levels of gender and racial diversity demonstrate better financial performance.

Change And Engage Don't Fetishise: Black Girl Magic

Tina Charisma | Posted 01.09.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Tina Charisma

Some people often appear alienated from the struggles that exist within community groups that they do not belong to. For instance there are many who may find it hard to understand the importance of natural hair movements amongst black female ethnic groups because they frankly may have never encountered prejudice based on their physical appearance.

Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls - A Question Of Gender Or Leadership?

Jenny Garrett | Posted 31.08.2017 | UK Entertainment
Jenny Garrett

Heroic, distributed, servant or inclusive, these are the leadership lenses I will use to watch smugly from my sofa with a hot mug of tea, knowing that I'll sleep in a nice warm bed and that I know where my next meal is coming from.

The Political Rebellion Of Being Black And Non-Binary

Cicely Blain | Posted 23.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Cicely Blain

Non-binary people are real and they exist; their experiences are varied and complex. For a lot of black non-binary folks it is only through self-decolonization that many of us are able to truly claim this identity. Society does not allow space for black folks to be alternative, to be nerdy, to be weird, to be queer, to be different from the narrow boxes created for us throughout history.

Are 'Gender Reveals' Problematic?

Kate Holliday | Posted 09.08.2017 | UK Parents
Kate Holliday

On the surface, these 'gender reveals' are the latest exciting activity for expectant parents, as well as cute videos to watch on social media. However, what do they say about our society's attitudes towards gender? Are they a manifestation of larger societal issues, or simply a bit of harmless fun?

We Should All Share Sir James Munby's Outrage: We Are Failing Our Most Vulnerable Girls

Katharine Sacks Jones | Posted 07.08.2017 | UK
Katharine Sacks Jones

This girl, and the many thousands like her across the country, deserve better. They should be not be left in situations where their lives are at serious risk, but instead should be able to expect care and treatment to deal with the underlying trauma they've faced, to get well and to build a future for themselves.

Five Ways You Can End The 'Hidden Crisis' Of Period Poverty

Laura Coryton | Posted 03.08.2017 | UK
Laura Coryton

Period poverty has existed for generations across the United Kingdom. Yep, that's right. Women and girls everywhere have been without sanitary products because they cannot afford them or do not have adequate access to them. What that means is that girls have been missing school to deal with their period within the confines of their own homes, and women have been using alternative materials, including "newspapers" and "socks", which pose a serious threat to their health. Yes, it is shocking. Here's what you can do about it.

Gender Deception - Not As Unusual As You Might Think

Dr Samantha Pegg | Posted 25.07.2017 | UK
Dr Samantha Pegg

Described as a bizarre and astonishing deception the conviction of Gayle Newland has garnered significant public attention. Holding herself out as mal...

'Shall I Get You One Of Those In Blue?' How We Limit Our Children When We Label Their Gender

James Millar | Posted 23.07.2017 | UK Parents
James Millar

No parent would knowingly sign up to put barriers in the way of their children's ambition or outlook. And yet we all (ourselves included) do it every day. Whether it's the assumption that girls will want to go to ballet class and boys will like football.

Let's Develop A Thinking Attitude Towards Gender Identity

Jane Williams | Posted 21.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Jane Williams

The UK Advertising Standards Agency announced recently that it would be taking a tougher line on gender stereotyping. I applaud that. It has been a long time coming. For the Trans community however gender stereotyping is something else. We grow up battling one set of stereotypes but are often accused of pandering to another.

Should We Reconsider Assigning Gender At Birth?

Dr Helen Webberley | Posted 10.07.2017 | UK Parents
Dr Helen Webberley

As a non-binary transgender person, Doty explains that they never truly felt they fitted in with the image of those men/women they were surrounded by as a child, which led to feelings of isolation and alienation - something they were keen for their child to avoid.

The Gender Gap

Kate Richardson-Walsh | Posted 05.07.2017 | UK Sport
Kate Richardson-Walsh

Sexism on and off the field is certainly difficult to tackle. But there are lots of positives that are born out of the difficulties. The way I've always looked at life is that you must make the very best of every situation. As a women's hockey team, it's made us more driven and hungry. It's made me more flexible, more organised and more diligent - all the things you need to be to get to the very top of your sport. 

What It Means To Be A Man In 2017

Rik Strubel | Posted 17.05.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Rik Strubel

At Axe, we want to shine a spotlight on the dangers of toxic masculinity and destroy the 'Man Box', getting everyone to see that an inclusive model of masculinity benefits men, women, and ultimately, society.

Why All School Uniform Should Be Gender Neutral

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 15.05.2017 | UK Parents

A private school’s announcement that it is considering scrapping separate boys’ and girls’ uniforms has been welcomed by LGBT and gender nonconf...

Tackling Issues At Their Roots: The 'Gap' Still Remains For Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Professor Binna Kandola | Posted 26.04.2017 | UK
Professor Binna Kandola

For us to progress, we must move past the realm of simply reporting and observing. Even though examining the difference between male and female salaries is an excellent place to start, we must begin to broaden our understanding and endeavour to undertake contextual analyses of women in the working world so we can combat the roots of gender inequality, rather than the symptoms that come to fruition as a result of them.

It's Doctor, Actually

Dr Sara Ahmed | Posted 25.04.2017 | UK
Dr Sara Ahmed

During medical school, this was a frequent occurrence. Once qualified, donning the stethoscope made my doctor status apparent. I lost this however as soon as I got married, and with my vows I seemed to bequeath my title to my husband.

Makeup Changed My Life

Lewys Ball | Posted 21.04.2017 | UK Style
Lewys Ball

I saved up my money and went to the nearest Boots. But having never seen boys wearing makeup out, I felt so embarrassed just walking into the store. The shop was in my local area, so I knew I would bump into people I knew and that panicked me! I ended up picking products in random shades, quickly paid for them and left the store in a hurry.

Parents In The UK Admit Feeling 'Gender Disappointment' If Their Child Is The 'Wrong' Sex

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 20.04.2017 | UK Parents

A quarter of mums in the UK admit to feeling ‘very disappointed’ if their child is the ‘wrong’ sex - ie. not the sex they’d hoped for. A fur...