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Britain Needs a Truth Committee on Debt

Caroline Lucas | Posted 06.10.2015 | UK Politics
Caroline Lucas

The Greek response to the huge challenge of austerity has been courageous and heartening. Because information is power, resistance to austerity has also materialised in the shape of a 'Truth Committee on Public Debt' set up in response to mounting economic challenges in Greece. Greeks aren't alone in facing damaging cutbacks. In Britain austerity is biting - and the Autumn Statement is set to bring with it a new round of cuts that even Tory councils are opposing. In the face of a continued Government obsession with the rolling back of the state I believe it's time Britain had a Committee on Debt Truth of our own.

This Greek Engineer Has Made It In America

The Huffington Post | Posted 29.09.2015 | UK

HuffPost Greece is proud to debut a new video series titled "Greeks Gone West." Done in partnership with the U.S. Ambassador's office in Athens, th...

The Summer I Understood War

Hekate Papadaki | Posted 21.09.2015 | UK
Hekate Papadaki

War was something that happened on TV until the summer of 2004. A boat carrying Iraqi families had crashed somewhere on the coast of Attica in Greece....

Time for the EU to Embrace Change

Julia Pamilih | Posted 15.09.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Julia Pamilih

It is time for the EU to be brave. Greek tensions may be simmering under the surface for now, but the EU should pursue a policy of debt relief and take decisive action before the Greeks once again teeter too close to a Grexit. It's in everybody's best interests for the EU to be strong, and further prolonging Greek suffering is not conducive to a happy union.

5 Charts About Migration That You Shouldn't Forget

The Huffington Post UK | Louise Ridley | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK

The rising number of migrants who die on their journeys across the Mediterranean is laid bare in five charts, which reveal that deaths in the region m...

Syriza Must Form the Next Greek Government

Stephen T. Hall | Posted 24.08.2015 | UK Politics
Stephen T. Hall

Without sentimentality, the newfound consecration of the Greek government to enact brutalising austerity measures, so corrosive that even the IMF doubts its promised successes, will now once more test the resolve of the Greek people.

'Today They Shoot Us'

The Huffington Post UK | Jack Sommers | Posted 21.08.2015 | UK

Macedonian forces have fired stun grenades and tear gas at a group of migrants trying to enter the country from Greece. At least eight people were ...

The Tsipras Paradox

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 21.08.2015 | UK Politics

Alexis Tsipras had to resign. The prime minister of Greece was elected in January on the promise of curbing the austerity that has blighted the citize...

Nine Months After Coming To Power, Tsipras To Call Snap Election

AP/The Huffington Post | Paul Vale | Posted 20.08.2015 | UK Politics

Greece was thrown into further disarray on Thursday with Alexis Tsipras expected to resign and call for snap elections just nine months after his gove...

"I Don't Want to Remember the Journey - Ever"

Hedinn Halldorsson | Posted 19.08.2015 | UK
Hedinn Halldorsson

One in every 122 people in the world are asylum seekers, refugees or internally displaced in their own countries. More than half of the world's refugees are children. One of them is Sami*. He is 15, from Syria. Sami is here with a friend, his family are back in Syria.

This Migrant's Reaction To Arriving In Kos Says It All

The Huffington Post UK | Steven Hopkins | Posted 17.08.2015 | UK

Hands raised in the air and fingers arranged in victory signs, the joy and relief of this Syrian man, after making it to the shores on the Greek islan...

The UK Has a Vital Role to Play in Shaping the Future of Europe - Now Is Not the Time to Turn Our Backs

Ian Baxter | Posted 16.08.2015 | UK Politics
Ian Baxter

I believe it's incumbent on those who want change in the European Union to offer up a positive alternative vision that would benefit the whole region rather than take a "me first" approach that many Euro-sceptics take. So here is a Europe I passionately believe in, a Europe that can genuinely advance the causes of peace, prosperity and democracy for the benefit of all...

ITV Political Editor 'Dives In' To Save Suicidal Greek Man

The Huffington Post UK | Jacqueline Housden | Posted 17.08.2015 | UK

ITV's political editor has described with "shock and anger" the moment he tried to save a Greek man from apparently killing himself, while customs off...

Greece - A New Victim of 'Structural Adjustment'. Reviewing the Latest Bailout and Its Traps

Lucy Bell | Posted 14.08.2015 | UK Politics
Lucy Bell

The third Greek bailout deal has prompted a predictably mixed response in the British media, from positivity and cautious optimism to downright negati...

This Is How Greece Is Dealing With Migrants..

The Huffington Post UK/AP | Steven Hopkins | Posted 12.08.2015 | UK

A medical charity working to help thousands of refugees in Kos have condemned the "heavy-handed" way authorities have dealt with them, calling it a "s...

Police Blast Migrants With Fire Extinguishers As Violence Breaks Out In Greece

AP | Posted 11.08.2015 | UK

Fights broke out among migrants Tuesday on the Greek island of Kos, where overwhelmed authorities are struggling to contain increasing numbers of peop...

Meanwhile, Back in Greece: The Crisis Never Went Away

Jason Aiginitis | Posted 07.08.2015 | UK
Jason Aiginitis

Last month, all eyes were on Greece, as it looked as though the whole country was on the brink of collapse. And if Greece collapsed, so too, we were told, would Europe. For a while, it felt like all anybody could talk about was Greece, and about what felt like the very real possibility of a devastating Grexit.

We Must Stand With Greece for a Social Europe

Julie Ward | Posted 30.07.2015 | UK Politics
Julie Ward

Through June and July, Europeans have watched with increasing consternation as the crisis between Greece and the Eurozone seemed to cascade and tumble...

A Short Walk Home

Edward Lloyd Owen | Posted 30.07.2015 | UK
Edward Lloyd Owen

It's been an extraordinary experience; difficult, hot, cold, lonely, funny, emotional and mentally and physically exhausting in a way I couldn't have imagined. But crucially also hugely rewarding, not just for myself, but also in the raising of the money for Walking With The Wounded, which I hope will only increase (£18k to date). And, thankfully, only truly scary once or twice...

Ben Needham Detectives Quiz Family IN Greece Over Disappearance of Sheffield Toddler

The Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 24.07.2015 | UK

Police have reportedly quizzed a gypsy family in Greece about the disappearance of a British toddler who went missing 24 years ago today. Ben Need...

Etiquette for Commentators on Greece

George Iordanou | Posted 23.07.2015 | UK Politics
George Iordanou

Should people who live outside of Greece express strong opinions on whether Greece should stay or exit the eurozone? I, for one, feel that I am not entitled to express such strong opinions. Having a strong opinion, of course, is one thing. Expressing it, is another. I object to the second, and this is why in all my encounters and discussions about Greece, I apologetically provide caveats of my privileged position in this debate.

The Eurogroup's Treatment of Greece Vindicates the Eurosceptic Right

David Browne | Posted 21.07.2015 | UK Universities & Education
David Browne

With the passage of the first round of reforms by the Greek Parliament, it would appear from the outset that the Eurogroup's proposals for Greece will become a reality in return for the next round of bailouts...

The Greek Situation Calls for More European Solidarity, Not Less

Anneliese Dodds | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Politics
Anneliese Dodds

For 48 hours over the course of last weekend, as the Eurozone countries debated how to resolve the Greek problem, the European principles of solidarity and collaboration were effectively abandoned.

Blaming the Euro for Greece Is Disingenuous at Best, Ignorant and Stupid at Worst

Godfrey Bloom | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Politics
Godfrey Bloom

Greece has been adopted as a cause célèbre by Eurosceptics who have portrayed the debt situation as an example of EU and ECB bullying, an assault on democracy and the Greek people... Yet this approach is fraught with danger, especially here in the UK when a referendum is so close.

This Summer, Across the Greek Islands, Boats Filled With Refugees Are Nothing Unusual

Owen Fay | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK
Owen Fay

What passes for routine these days means that within an hour the crew on board has spotted, hailed and rescued forty-four men, women and children. All Syrian, all fleeing the war. This summer, across the Greek islands, this is nothing unusual...