It's National Humour Month - What Makes Laughter The Best Medicine?

Professor Ewan Gillon | Posted 06.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Professor Ewan Gillon

The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine and there's no denying the fact that our spirits lift when we smile or laugh. But why exactly is it so therapeutic and what can we do to make sure humour remains a constant component of our everyday lives?

It's Not OK To Be Racist

Lisa Francesca Nand | Posted 20.02.2017 | UK
Lisa Francesca Nand

I can count on two hands the amount of times I've been subject to direct racist insults. It's always a terrible shock. It takes my breath away and stays with me forever. The sense of injustice, of prejudice, the realisation that people judge you as different.

Casual Racism Is Not "Bants"

Roanna Carleton-Taylor | Posted 15.02.2017 | UK
Roanna Carleton-Taylor

As individuals our voices are small but as a collective our communities have very powerful voices. Every comment, every opinion, every belief expressed goes toward weaving the tapestry that will become the community and ultimately the world we live in.

Your Sh*t 2016 Cut-Out-And-Keep Christmas Cracker Jokes

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 21.12.2016 | UK Comedy

Christmas - a time for unity, good cheer and goodwill to all men. The exact opposite of 2016, basically. So, in order to make the most of a totally sh...

This Person Thought They Found Their Grandfather's Stool Sample, But It Was Actually Much Worse

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 03.08.2016 | UK Comedy

Imgur user NakedTurtles was visiting their grandparents for the first time in seven years when they stumbled across a relic in granddad’s basement o...

Small Town In Colorado Welcomes Travellers With Daily One-Liners

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 22.06.2016 | UK Comedy

A small town in Colorado has been welcoming travellers in the best possible way we can think of - with jokes and puns. Reddit user Mofat_ shared a few...

6 Funny Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About Not Being At Glastonbury

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 22.06.2016 | UK Comedy

Glastonbury is in full swing, and we're all being inundated with stories of people off for a long weekend of fun while we're stuck in offices or drudg...

This Joke Proves This Child Is Smarter Than You

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 01.06.2016 | UK Parents

Whilst you're changing nappies and teaching your toddler how to use the toilet, you may feel like intellectually you have the upper hand. But don't be...

Rape Jokes Are Not The Issue - The Joke's Target Is The Issue

Mia Doring | Posted 22.04.2017 | UK Comedy
Mia Doring

Downright mean jokes about rape, like Jimmy Carr's 'nine out of ten people in a gang rape said they enjoyed it' are the damaging ones. The hilarity is that the tenth person didn't enjoy it because the tenth person was the gang rape victim.

This Virgin Employee Is Adding A Touch Of Humour To Airport Gates

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 14.04.2016 | UK Comedy

Imgur user rootbeer1 is a Virgin America employee who likes to spice things up anyway that he can. On the departure boards, they're encouraged to writ...

Twitter's Funniest Pancake Day Jokes

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 09.02.2016 | UK Comedy

It's Shrove Tuesday! A wonderful day when we meaninglessly attempt to make pancakes, give up, then pop to Sainsbury's to see if they've got any of the...

Something Special Happens When You Merge Films Into Band Names

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 30.01.2016 | UK Comedy

People are having a lot of fun ingeniously placing film names into those of their favourite musical acts. And the results are actually pretty good ...

Brave or Just Foolish?

Naomi Hefter | Posted 06.01.2017 | UK Comedy
Naomi Hefter

I love physical comedy. I watch it, I do it, I perform it, I think it and I admire it. In my opinion, as far as brain power is concerned, it's very easy. You don't have to structure a written joke; you don't have to read the news to talk about current affairs.

This Man Complained To Pret About A Sandwich And Ended Up Embroiled In A Three Hour Pun Battle

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 07.01.2016 | UK Comedy

We're no stranger to a good pun, but it looks like the team running Pret A Manger's Twitter account is a master of the art. When Twitter user @Dodd...

16 People You Should Follow On Twitter In 2016 (If You Like Laughing)

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 30.12.2015 | UK Comedy

A new year is a time for change, and what better to way to shake things up than rejuvenating your Twitter feed with some truly hilarious human beings?...

Ways To Scathingly Insult People Without Swearing

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 24.12.2015 | UK Comedy

A thread on the AskReddit forum recently asked users to reel off their best insults that don't contain profanity, and in the spirit of the festive sea...

2015's Best Christmas Cracker Jokes

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 15.12.2015 | UK Comedy

Finally, the year's most anticipated announcement is here - UK Gold's list of the 10 best Christmas jokes. The winner was Twitter user delshout1, w...

Ronnie Pickering Inspires Hilarious Reaction From The Internet

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 28.09.2015 | UK Comedy

Ronnie Pickering, Britain's most famous enraged road user, has provoked a storm online -- and unsurprisingly people are finding the whole affair hilar...

Maybe You Should Write a Different Joke

Ben Moore | Posted 05.09.2016 | UK Comedy
Ben Moore

I'm not saying I want comedians to blunt their sharp edges and stick to jokes about airports and weddings. But I also don't subscribe to the increasingly automatic notion that anything is a suitable subject for comedy.

Top 10 Funniest Jokes Of The Edinburgh Fringe Announced

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Finally, the moment we've been waiting for since last August - the funniest jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe! This year's best one-liner award went to Da...

24 Of The Best (Or Perhaps Worst) Dad Jokes

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Dads have a reputation for coming out with some of the most cringe-worthy yet hilarious jokes. To pay a tribute to the men who seem to be full of s...

The Week In Funny Tweets

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 03.07.2015 | UK Comedy

What a week it's been. We've had a heatwave, and some other things happened that nobody knows about because all we could talk about was the weather an...

Brands Trying To Be Funny For #InternationalJokeDay

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It's International Joke Day! People have spent the day tweeting jokes, from the hilarious to the downright terrible. Now some brands have jumped on th...

New FIFA 16 Game Controller Details Revealed

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Following the announcement of the newest instalment of the FIFA video game series last week, HuffPost UK Comedy can exclusively reveal the controller ...

#BeatlesRecipes Is A Pun-Filled Nostalgia Fest

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 02.06.2015 | UK Comedy

The folks at Midnight have done it again... They've come up with another hilarious trending hashtag. This time it's #BeatlesRecipes. Lettuce Be #Be...