Ex-Trump Aide Slams Idea Of 'Human Wrecking Ball' Nigel Farage Working With Former President

"I don't know what he's capable of, but I'm not a fan."
Donald Trump and Nigel Farage could end up working together on the ex-president's re-election campaign
Donald Trump and Nigel Farage could end up working together on the ex-president's re-election campaign

Nigel Farage was slated by Donald Trump’s former director of communications Anthony Scaramucci after suggesting he could start working with the ex-president.

Farage – former UKIP leader and founder of the Brexit Party, later Reform UK – claimed he had a “firm job offer” to work “indirectly” with Trump’s re-election campaign in the States earlier this week.

The GB News presenter and keen Trump supporter told broadcaster Talk: “It’s a confidential offer, obviously, but it would be very heavily involved with the election campaign.”

However, Scaramucci squashed that idea when speaking to ITV’s Robert Peston on Wednesday night.

Scaramucci, who served in Trump’s administration for 10 days and is now a key critic of the ex-president, said: “With Nigel Farage, I would say can we leave him on your side of the pond.

“This is another human wrecking ball, sort of disaster kind of person.

“He’s done enough damage to your country, let’s leave him in your country.

“But if he’s coming to work for Trump, he’ll do something disastrous.

“I hope they announce what he’s doing quickly so that we can get out there quickly and explain how this would be another human trauma device, an IED [Improved Explosive Device], here in the United States that we don’t need.

“I don’t know what he’s capable of, but I’m not a fan.”

Scaramucci recently announced his hopes that incumbent president Joe Biden would win the next presidential election, writing on social media: “Nobody wants Biden to win more than me and I am including Melania.”

Farage, meanwhile, has been at the centre of speculation over whether he would return to Reform UK to head up the party once again ahead of the general election.

In his interview with Talk, the former MEP refused to completely rule out returning to the frontline of British politics.

He said: “Clearly the direction our country is taking is important, too.

“I honestly haven’t yet made my mind up and I haven’t got long left to do it, and I fully accept that.

“At the minute, I’m leaning towards America. But let’s see. I accept that fact, you know, I can’t keep teasing people forever.”


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