Got No Life Purpose? What's in an Aim...

Jojo Furnival | Posted 28.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Jojo Furnival

Hello again. Still super connected?! I thought so. It's funny. When you take the time to stop and think about your life, you might not like what realisations occur. What if, for example, answers to the questions 'what do I want?' 'what makes me happy?' 'what is my life's purpose?' remain unknown?

Living With Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) My Daily Struggles

Olga Levancuka | Posted 28.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Olga Levancuka

Today I am feeling extra brave. More surprised than impressed with my own bravery, I decide to leave the queue and explore the rest of the food stalls. 'Fish and Chips' was the first one on the corner and on my way home.

How to Turn Mindless Shop-Fest Into Mindful Adventure

David Pearl | Posted 28.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
David Pearl

Are the wide open spaces of Nature intrinsically more inspiring than urban landscape? No doubt Machu Pichu, the Himalayas and the Okavango are uplifting but they're also thousands of expensive, carbon-spewing miles away. Can't we find the miraculous on our own doorstep?

The Precious Present - For Xmas and Beyond!

Alison Goodwin | Posted 27.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Alison Goodwin

Breathe. Feel your feet on the floor. Really get a sense of this contact on the floor. Notice your body and how it is moving. Notice any tension or sensations in the body.

Are You Leading (and Living) From the Most Useful Part of Your Brain?

David Mochel | Posted 24.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
David Mochel

The skill of dropping a ruminative cycle about what is wrong and putting attention on what is possible and what works is invaluable in any circumstance. When it comes to taking useful action, you can count on your survival brain to produce convincing reasons to procrastinate.

The Success of Every Single Woman Is an Inspiration for Us All

Lisa Regan | Posted 24.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Lisa Regan

I feel as women we should change the tone of the conversation and learn to really support each other, to encourage and to really mean it. To want others to do well and to be truly happy is what we all should be striving for, not to be looking on through a snarl and a negative eye.

Reach Your Potential and Be Happy? Be Mindful of These Two Beliefs?

David Mochel | Posted 24.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
David Mochel

Your survival brain is constantly storing patterns of associations so that it doesn't miss something potentially threatening. When it recognises a pattern, then it creates feelings - a combination of sensations and thoughts - to trigger a behaviour that "worked" in the past. This is why you find yourself waiting until you feel like doing something to do it.

Staying Sane in the New World

Ruby Wax | Posted 19.11.2014 | UK Entertainment
Ruby Wax

I started my journey to publicise the book in New York. Everyone tells me they love New York, to me it's a gang rape on the senses. I want to confess war crimes after being kept up all night listening to trash trucks clanging. I took the subway late one night after a show, waited two hours for the right train and witnessed bedlam; feral people were howling like wolves...

The Art of Successfully Not Giving a F*ck: Nine Mastery Techniques

Najite Phoenix | Posted 11.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Najite Phoenix

It's so ridiculously easy to become lost in somebody else's dream; to go from the dreamer, to the dreamt and to go from a creator, to the created. It's way too easy to forget that we are our own authorities and that none of our thoughts, feelings or actions need to be co-signed by anyone else. It's so damn easy to forget, but so f*cking important to remember.

Are You a 'Diet-a-holic'? It's Time to Fess up and Stop Living in Denial!

Kiran Ram | Posted 07.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Kiran Ram

You beat yourself up every time another diet fails or your pants don't fit anymore, and you think you just aren't good enough. Shame and guilt take over and you think, "screw it, I'm done! ".

Helping Leaders Achieve Positive Change

Dr Joseph Zammit-Lucia | Posted 07.11.2014 | UK
Dr Joseph Zammit-Lucia

When Prime Minister, Tony Blair said that it's not the role of business to solve social problems. Business should just get on with the business of making money and leave social issues to others. How things have changed...

Addicted to Our Own Drugs

Ruby Wax | Posted 06.11.2014 | UK Entertainment
Ruby Wax

If after your efforts you happen to win a gold medal, trophy, bonus, hit a bulls-eye you'll get such a main line smack of dopamine you'll probably be addicted forever and spend your life hunting down the next hit at any cost. As humans we're natural born addicts when it comes to some of our neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenalin.

What a Buddhist Nun and Starbucks Can Teach You About Personal Presence

Mandy Lehto | Posted 03.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Mandy Lehto

So someone ticks you off. You get the wrong milk in your Starbucks' latte. Your boss berates you during a meeting. A jerk cuts the queue when you're already late. It rains on your new suede shoes (I've been there, and feel your pain).

The Art of Being Mindful

Malminder Gill | Posted 03.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Malminder Gill

Do you ever find yourself rewinding the movie you're watching over and over again? Do you have to read the same paragraph multiple times? Most people are unmindful several times a day; simply being unaware of their surroundings or what's going on. Practicing mindfulness improves both your mental and physical health.

Meditation Comic Of The Week Tells Us How To Be Open To Love

The Huffington Post UK | Poorna Bell | Posted 03.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle

The second in a series of meditation comics especially for The Huffington Post UK is all about being open to love. Mike Medaglia, an illustrator a...

Poorna Bell

Men Who Made It: How Olympian Etienne Stott Handles Stress And Anxiety

HuffingtonPost.com | Poorna Bell | Posted 31.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle

When it comes to competing at an Olympic level, much is made of the strength and stamina of the sportsmen and women. Their punishing years of training...

The Practice of Happiness

David Mochel | Posted 31.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
David Mochel

Stand up straight. Smile. Say hello to strangers. Do something kind. Appreciate experiences, not stuff. Say thank you. Set clear, concrete goals. Pay attention to the small daily pleasures. If this sounds like advice your grandmother might give you -she would be right in line with what scientific research has to say about happiness.

Infomania - The Newest Obsession on the Block

Ruby Wax | Posted 30.10.2014 | UK Entertainment
Ruby Wax

One of the first symptoms of depression is when you can't make any decisions. Choosing which direction to walk is overwhelming, looking at a menu is like going on Mastermind. Eventually your brain gives up, it has no more room, you've scored 'game over' hit your full capacity like an over stuffed hoover bag before it explodes.

Is Mindfulness Really an Antidote to Modern Life, or Just Another Symptom?

Simon Mussell | Posted 30.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Simon Mussell

As the avalanche of hype about the miracle of 'mindfulness' rumbles on, I think of an old Woody Allen joke about a man who visits his doctor, complaining that his hand hurts when he shakes it. The doctor's advice? 'Don't shake it'. I fear that the same avoidance strategy lurks beneath the mindfulness movement.

Meditation: A Let-Down or a Lifesaver?

Sheila Bayliss | Posted 30.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Sheila Bayliss

So if you've read all about the benefits of mindfulness and thought you'd give it a go, maybe you got yourself an app and duly set to work.

How to Change the World 10 Seconds at a Time - and How Your Brain Tells You Not To

David Mochel | Posted 29.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
David Mochel

There is a survival system in your brain that is designed to see the world through the lens of problems and limitations. It assumes that past behavior has led to survival, so it creates thoughts and sensations to get you to behave as you always have, and it rewards you for doing so.

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Plan Your Life

Georgie Bradley | Posted 27.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Georgie Bradley

Sometimes you just have to resign to your fate. Get your harbouring hippy to go with the flow of the universe and believe me, life will sort itself out. So many have achieved their dreams without planning. You know the phrase, when it rains it pours?

The Secret's Out! How Big Business 'Legally' Takes Our Money For Nothing

David Green | Posted 24.10.2014 | UK
David Green

I use and like easyJet. I don't even mind that they charge me extra for taking my suitcase along: £30 for the privilege, bumping the fare up by over 20%. But I do mind when they 'take' money for nothing when I no longer need an optional extra...

I'm No Evangelist

Ruby Wax | Posted 22.10.2014 | UK Entertainment
Ruby Wax

Why mindfulness? I've mentioned a lot that I had a mental car crash seven years ago. I said, to quote Scarlett O'Hara (sort of), "I will never go crazy again". And so I've kept my promise to myself and haven't had an episode of depression for seven years.

Three Surefire Ways to Whack a Sucky Mood

Mandy Lehto | Posted 21.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Mandy Lehto

So your mood is radioactive, and though you've noticed it's not serving you - or anyone around you - it can be hard to snap out of it. Here are three road-tested methods I use when I feel the mental toxicity building.