Tackling India's Sanitation Crisis

Gates Cambridge Scholars | Posted 05.12.2016 | UK
Gates Cambridge Scholars

*An urban planner by learning and alumnus of Cambridge University, MS Raghavendra [2002 - PhD in Architecture] teaches at Administrative Staff College...

Government Subsidies Make Biogas an Attractive Renewable Energy Option

Simon Thomas | Posted 09.12.2014 | UK Tech
Simon Thomas

The UK's Transmission System Operator, responsible for distributing and generating electricity, recently announced that biogas, a renewable energy, could be responsible for 10% of the nation's gas output by the year 2020. If targets are met, the National Grid hopes to have 45 new biogas power stations connected to the grid within the next two years.

London Is The 'Cocaine Capital' Of Europe, Drugs Study Finds

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 29.05.2014 | UK

London could be the “cocaine capital” of Europe, according to a new study. The findings are based on analysis of the sewage of 42 cities over ...

BEHIND THE SCENES: It's A Dirty Business... Would YOU Do This Job?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 22.04.2014 | UK Entertainment

You know when you casually empty your chip pan down the sink? How long do you think the smell of the fat stays on the poor soul whose job it is to cle...

Senior Politicians Travel To #Poonami-Hit Area Of Kennington

The Huffington Post UK | Addison DeWitt | Posted 28.02.2014 | UK Comedy

David Cameron has chaired a meeting of Cobra, the government's national emergencies committee, in response to the dramatic flooding that swept through...

#poonami Flows Through Kennington, South London After Sewage Pipe Burst

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.02.2014 | UK

A major road was closed by the emergency services after homes were flooded with sewage as a result of a burst main. A series of pictures and video wer...

Why The Fatberg Should Remind Us of the Great Stink of Victorian Times

Ben Gwalchmai | Posted 28.10.2013 | UK
Ben Gwalchmai

In July 2013, Thames Water found a 'fatberg' as big as a bus. If left untreated, great deals of fat could have oozed out of drains, another oddly Dickensian thought...

This Latest Gangnam Parody Is A Real Stinker

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 12.02.2013 | UK

Gangnam Style continues to spawn umpteen parodies like some kind of mutant strain of bacteria, and this one is, quite literally a real stinker. Th...

British Airways Forced To Apologise After 100 Suitcases Sprayed With Raw Sewage

Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.09.2012 | UK

British Airways passengers were horrified after their luggage was sprayed with raw sewage at Heathrow airport. Around 100 bags came off the conveye...