Alec Baldwin: David Cameron Should Resign

Alec Baldwin: David Cameron Should Resign

Today's biggest question: What does Alec Baldwin have in common with Labour MPs Dennis Skinner and Sir Gerald Kauffman? The answer: all three have called on the prime minister to resign in the last week.

The Baldwin intervention came via tweet, and in the wake of the phone hacking scandal that has damaged Cameron's poll ratings.

Cameron should resign. England is FILLED with people who could do a better job.less than a minute ago via web




Alec Baldwin


Another big question: what cost the last Labour government as much as Carlos Tevez’s move to Corinthians, and will cause twice as much trouble? Spin.

The Liberal Democrats have pointed out that despite Gordon Brown last week accusing News International of being part of a “criminal media nexus...standing side by side with criminals against our citizens” and using “disgusting tactics” in their quest for scoops, Labour spent £38m advertising in NI papers between 2005 and 2010. Could this, perhaps, be why Brown was lauded as Rupert Murdoch’s favourite PM yesterday?

No one is coming out of this scandal unscathed: Recently resigned News International chief Rebekah Brooks appears to have filled her newly found free time with lessons from Autotune maestro T-pain - check out her first attempt below.


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