17/08/2011 07:04 BST | Updated 17/10/2011 06:12 BST

Survival Guide To University Freshers' Week

It's not easy to start university. The nerves, the nightclubs, the new people. So, if you're worried about how you'll get on read our top 15 tips for surviving freshers' week- from someone who's been there before.

1) It may sound obvious, but go to as many social events as possible. The likelihood is you won't get on with absolutely everyone you live with so it's important to meet people outside of your halls.

2) Save a few taxi numbers to your phone for your first night out. There's nothing worse than being stranded in a strange city at night, with no way of getting home.

3) Keep a tab of what's happening at your university through their student union website. Most unis put on introduction nights for freshers, which is a great way of meeting new people and you don't want to be the one who misses out on that party.

4) Don't be tempted to join every sports club and society you see. The average student will inevitably prefer to perfect their channel-surfing skills than riding a wave on a beach 100 miles away. Most students will sign up to at least one club they will never go to. As some charge up to £40 to join, this can become very expensive. You can always join mid-year.

5) Saying that, one of the best ways to meet people is through a clubs so try and join one, even if it is just the custard-wrestling society.

6) Before you go to uni, see if you can find your future housemates on Facebook. Even though it may seem like stalking, everyone does it and this way you won't be total strangers or end up with five toasters and no kettle.

7) Even though your parents will lecture you on eating properly in order to keep healthy, you won't. And you may as well face the inevitable- you will get freshers' flu. If you can manage a few fruit and veg in between the cooked breakfasts and takeaways, great; if not, stock up on Berocca.

8) Start cooking communally. Not only is burning toast a great way to bond, but you'll save a fair bit of money, too.

Yes, it's a pain and it feels far too much like acting responsibly but register with a GP as soon as you can. That way you'll get the doctors closest to your halls and not one which is a five-mile walk away.

9) Book tickets online for club nights. It may cost you an extra 50p, but you'll save two hours of queuing in the rain only to be being turned away by the doorman because he doesn't like the look of you.

10) That ties in nicely with the next piece of advice. Men: don't wear trainers if you're going to a nice (and by nice I mean Oceana) club. Yes, you may feel like you're damaging your street-cred, but bouncers can make or break your night. Also, never ever answer back to bouncers. They will refuse your entry and no matter how many times you shout "I know my rights" they still won't let you in and then you'll have to go home. Alone.

11) Try to avoid the novelty T-shirt until at least the second term. You will never live it down.

12) As tempted as you are by that dodgy-looking kebab van after a night out, you'll probably regret it in the morning. And chances are, if it looks like cat food, it probably is.

13) Don't keep calling your friends from home. This has two benefits. Firstly, speaking to people from home will probably only make you miss them. Secondly, you should be out there making new friends. But it is advisable to check in with your parents once in a while - for their sake, of course.

14) Invest in some acceptable daytime wear. Tartan or stripes are tried and tested favourites. Even if you wouldn't be caught dead wandering to the corner shop in your pyjamas now, by week two of studentdom you'll probably be walking to your lectures in them. Best to leave the matching teddy bear set at home.

15) Get there early to get your student card sorted. The queue will only get longer...