24/08/2011 13:44 BST | Updated 25/10/2011 06:12 BST

UK Tech News Blast: Russian space ship lost, Hubble's replacement revealed, A3 tablet

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Today, we're talking the first ever mapping project for UK mobile coverage, gaming, Russia's lost space freighter, one-handed keyboards, A3 tablet computers and Hubble's replacement.

Hello? Can you hear me? The BBC have launched a mapping project for UK mobile coverage. Can you believe this is the first of its kind?

Would you use an A3 tablet? If you have some finance to offer, these guys have one they want to develop.

Russia has lost a space freighter. Space is, well, quite big it must be said.

Yes, that's a one-handed keyboard. Handy, if you have one hand or are particularly busy.

Gamers, your favourite Simpsons episode just got 4-Chaned.

The Hubble telescope's successor has been revealed by the UK Space Agency.

Who needs a high tech Porsche pushchair? Certainly not Katie Scott from Wired, nor, in fact, most humans.

Why Pete Cashmore of Mashable thinks Google plus is better