The Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

The Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

James Dyson is set to announce a new technology on Wednesday, 14th of September. Could it be a sustainable cardboard vacuum cleaner to rival this new prototype form Vax?

The cardboard ev from Vax is designed to provide a sustainable, affordable alternative to the traditional vacuum cleaner or Hoover, as we're so fond of calling them.

Vax say every part of this experimental machine can be replaced if they get damaged, and cost just a tenth of an equivalent plastic parts.

In a transformer-like sustainability effort, the body of the beast begins its life with its new owner as the packaging most of the parts arrive in.

Jake Tyler, a Loughborough University student, created the design as part of Vax's student placement scheme. Email them nicely, and they're bound to put one into production for you.

Jake now has full time job at Vax developing new products and you can sign up to test one of his cardboard machines yourself via their website.

No word from James Dyson's office as to whether they're in panic mode just yet.


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