23/10/2011 09:49 BST | Updated 23/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Ed Miliband: David Cameron Has Brought His Troubles On Himself

David Cameron has warned the eurozone crisis is having a "chilling effect" in the UK, as he faces disquiet from his backbenchers over tomorrow's debate over whether to hold a referendum on leaving the European Union.

The prime minister, speaking as he arrived on the third day of an EU summit in Brussels, said: "The crisis in the eurozone is having an effect on all our economies, Britain included...

"It's having a chilling effect. We need to deal with this issue and so it's right to have a European council and for the European council to discuss this issue here in Brussels today."

But in London, Labour leader Ed Miliband was criticising his stance on the EU referendum, saying he had brought his troubles on himself.

Up to 70 Tory MPs are expected to rebel on tomorrow's vote in the Commons.

“Over the last six years, what has David Cameron done? He’s appeased the eurosceptics in his party – he’s brought tomorrow’s events on himself.

“This is a person who stood in his own leadership campaign on getting out of the mainstream European people’s party, and going with a fringe element in the European Parliament. And he’s the person who at the election was saying ‘let’s renegotiate our whole relationship with Europe’. It’s no wonder his backbenchers are disappointed because he has been pretending for a long time that he’s one of them.

“Now he’s facing a very serious crisis in Europe, and clearly it would be completely irresponsible for him to say ‘yes, let’s now have an in/out referendum’", Ed Miliband told BBC 1's The Politics Show.

Countries are expected to reach an agreement on the crisis by Wednesday.