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Another crushing defeat. Another piece of parliamentary jiggery-pokery. Another long week for Theresa May. An even longer week for the rest of us. HuffPost UK's Arj Singh and Paul Waugh sat down with Conservative MP Rob Halfon and Senior Counsel at Cicero, Nikki da Costa, to work out where Brexit is going and what the future holds for Theresa May premiership.
10. Everything’s the fault of the Human Rights Act, obviously. 3. You just don’t get it The Secret Barrister, who also writes
'I personally think this Government is skating on incredibly thin ice.'
Theresa May’s Government is skating on “incredibly thin ice” because it lacks legitimacy and a mandate for its policies, according
The Saudi prince who breeds racehorses received £400,000 of taxpayers’ money last year.
A Saudi prince who breeds racehorses has received more than £400,000 of taxpayers’ money in farm subsidies last year, it
Amber Rudd said the UK could retaliate with a similar system though.
The home secretary has warned that British holidaymakers could face a “holiday tax” to travel to the European Union as part