EU Referendum Conspiracy Theory #UsePens Has Turned Into Full Blown Hysteria

What is actually going on?

As we're all aware the entire referendum campaign has been full to the brim with WTFs.

There have been flotillas, Brexit condoms and rants about bananas. There have been tweets about sniffing dirty socks and there have been #CatsAgainstBrexit.

But we've finally called it: we've found the thing that at last proves that we've lost the plot.

A conspiracy theory that someone would be rubbing out votes cast in favour of leaving the European Union began circulating on earlier this week, prompting the hashtag #usepens.

Some people appeared to take the claims seriously...

Others appeared to be taking it slightly less seriously...

It ended up going so far that one council even felt the need to clarify the 'rules' on pens and pencils in the polling booth...

Which in turn prompted more hysteria...

A pro-Brexit voter even complained about police being called after she offered to lend her pen to people to prevent the government rigging the result.

Jacqueline Jackson, who describes herself as “100% Ukip” and an “islamophobe with good reason” because the religion is “evil”, tweeted the complaint today.

A poll earlier this week revealed that a number of people believe that the EU referendum is rigged, has been infiltrated by MI5, and the BBC and ITN are conspiring to fix the result.

Almost half of those backing ‘Brexit’ believe it is "probably true" that the outcome is pre-determined, a YouGov poll for LBC found.


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