14/11/2011 12:42 GMT | Updated 14/11/2011 12:54 GMT

Liam Gallagher Criticised By Mental Health Charity For Calling Bipolar Adam Ant 'F**cking Nutty'

Ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has been attacked by a mental health charity for calling Adam Ant "f*cking nutty" in an interview with NME.

Ant, who openly admits that he suffers from bipolar disorder, was supported by leading mental illness charity MIND after the abuse from the Mancunian singer.

Sue Baker from the charity told the Sun:

"It's not helpful for people brave enough to be open [about mental illness] to be met with name calling,"

"Many celebrities, such as Adam Ant, have spoken out about their mental health problems and we are so grateful that they do."

Gallagher fell out with Ant after Beady Eye's Andy Bell recorded part of a track for Ant’s upcoming album Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter

Ranting at the outlandish musician, Gallagher told NME. "[I'm] not into a geezer who wears makeup... especially f**king nutty ones. And tell him: 'You're not the only c**t who's off his t*ts"

The troubled 80’s singer has spoken out about the negative perception of mental health issues in the past, and how hurtful the description "nuts" can be.

Speaking of a distressing episode in Quietus, Ant said:

"I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, a Victorian law, which upset me because I don't think I'm nuts… The one liberty I have left, along with deciding who I sleep with, what I wear, how I vote, what I spend my money on, what job I do, is primarily what is going on in my mind."

In February, the 57-year-old, real name Stuart Goddard, spoke of his on-going feud with the Liam, saying: "This is a personal thing between me and him, and we will deal with it man-to-man."

Gallagher however remained unbowed, issuing a challenge to Ant:

"Bring it on, any time, you f**king cowboy."