15/11/2011 06:26 GMT | Updated 15/11/2011 06:27 GMT

Movember Pictures: Handsome Hairy Men Reveal Moustache Efforts (PICTURES)

It's almost halfway through Movember - the sprouting season for charitable chaps who have let moustaches roam over their upper lips for a good cause.

The great historical moustache has all but disappeared from the faces of modern men, but its ability to elevate even the most prosaic of pouts to a regal glower can be witnessed throughout Movember.

Having lain dormant for 11 months of the year, those with a particular talent for moustache-making are coming out of the bushes while the weasly-whiskered few cower amid co-workers' giggles.

Movember has its own official website, where the slightly hairy and the seriously scary can register their attempts and receive donations from the general public.

Movember is an annual month-long event in November which sees men grow moustaches for male charities, specifically prostate cancer. So far this year, over 200,000 people have taken part and nearly £6 million has been raised, according to calculations on the official site Movember.

Here are some impressive offerings from Huffington Post UK readers, who gave up their own faces to support a Movember charity:

Movember Moustaches